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Sushma’s tricky take on Namo’s absence in UP campaign

Ahmedabad, 6 March, 2012

“Sometime dua mein jyada dum hota hai,” the leader of opposition in Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj said today reacting to a question on Narendra Modi’s absence in Uttar Pradesh poll campaign.

Swaraj while replying to a question asked by NDTV anchor today on Modi’s absence in UP election said that even sitting in Gujarat, Shri Modi was wishing victory of BJP candidates in Uttar Pradesh.

Swaraj declined to confirm whether Modi’s absence was due to induction of Sanjay Joshi in the party or not.

Shri Modi had stayed away from entired campaign of state elections of GOA, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab and Manipur.

Today when the results are out, there are hundreds of tweets on Twitter since morning claiming that if BJP would bring Modi in UP campaign, the result could be better. However some also say that it was a correct decision of Modi on not to participate in UP campaign.

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  1. Rohit says:

    I think Narendra Modi is a smart person and knew that BJP won’t do well in UP. The biggest problem with BJP in UP is that they have used some old disliked leaders for too long. Nobody likes Rajnath Singh or even Kalraj Mishra. They brought in Uma Bharti. I think it could have been better if they rather gave more importance to Varun Gandhi and induced home grown credible candidates from UP and get rid of oldies corrupt people like Rajnath etc. It is shame that party which had majority in UP for decade few years back is not able to win even 1/8 of seats. And even central leadership looks like spine less. Except Arun Jaitley all others are perceived by people as not intelligent and weak. I think BJP’s hope is only regional leaders like Modi, Khanduri, Parikar, ShivrajSingh etc. I hope these people are given more weight at center instead of Sushma, Rajnath, Mukhtar Abbas who all are politicians of 20th century.

    • nimnam says:

      Rohit what do you mean by “except for jaitley all look not very intelligent and old ??” are you saying that is why intelligent people voted for Mulayam ??

  2. Gujarati says:

    Fighting UP election is as good as slinging poo on the wall, you never know if it will stick on it or not!

    What can be expected when over crowded state, divided by religion, caste etc vote to fight next door neighbour rather than any vision for next leader ?????

    Good for Modi that he did not join in…………

    There are rumours Rahul Gandhi is coming to Gujarat now for next election. I am eagerly waiting for him to come.

    Modi will show him who daddy is!

    • rookie@politics says:

      If rahul has a mind of his own, he should refrain from campaigning for gujarat elections as congress is definately losing big time this december. Rahul should understand and correct the mistake he did in UP, should ensure a strong cadre based organisatonal formation first in the state, which definately is absent in gujarat.

      On the contrary, UP results should be set as an example to retire those oldies (including thier kins, money politics and rotten politricks), and start afresh from grassroot level to help congress emerge as a whole new party in the state.

      As for Daddy thing, it also means Modi has much earlier retirement and rahul has a long track to sprint.

      • babloo says:

        “On the contrary, UP results should be set as an example to retire those oldies (including thier kins, money politics and rotten politricks), and start afresh from grassroot level to help congress emerge as a whole new party in the state.”

        retire those oldies (including their kins
        Ha Ha Ha – what a joke!

        • rookie@politics says:

          why dont you put in your suggestions instead of farting off your mouth…and look who’s talking about north indians now, another raj thakrey in the making.

          • babloo says:

            You said Congress party should retire their kin – Congress Party of Jawahar,Indira,Rajiv,Sonia,Rahul,Priyanka,RobertVadra,Priyanka’s two kids etc. <–this record is worse than North Korea.

            People follow their leaders – Congress party members are following their leaders by inducting their family members. With what face can Congress leadership remove kins of the lower level party members?

            How do you expect people to react when you make such silly statements?

            You really are a rookie at politics.

  3. Kumar says:

    In 130 seats Muslims are more than 50%. How can bjp win in up. In other areas they are about 30%. Modi said tie up with mayawati to win up but no one listened to modi. He wanted to consolidate upper caste + obc+lower castes to win up. In Punjab the cm followed modi policies and came back 2 power. Logic is if you sincerely work 4 people why will not they vote for u. People are not stupid…

  4. pavitran says:

    In future elections peoples are going to choose right peoples. The arrogant , chronic capital supports, scam & corrupted politician, communal based politicians going to lose.
    The recent elections in various state proved the big talks of development is never going to work, because people know very well that it is for the interest of the big business houses.
    Regarding the UP election result , people favored criminals over corrupted politicians .

    1)The SP & BJP Must thank Mr. Salman Khurshid he brought down the vote pattern at last movement by calling for the reservation issue on communal basis.

    2) Cong must not forget that UPA2 rule, deliberately allowed inflation to generate high profit to business houses and merchants at cost of people’s pains. Few Cong spoke persons & leaders like Mr. Digvijay Sing & Salman Khurshid talk very arrogantly.
    3 ) The biggest corruption & scam of Indian History happened in the UPA & adopted chronic capitalism polices for the interest of big business houses only. Paying the price now.

    All political party leaders must learn from this election that too much close to the big business house, arrogant , corruption and I am the big attitude like Rahul Gandhi never going to work.

  5. db says:

    up future is hear.


  6. rawal says:


  7. sanjeev says:

    I think Narendra Modi would have pushed BJP seats near to BSP tally.

  8. patel says:

    What is main reason for the SP win the election? One of is just look at the manifesto of the SP for UP election.I found they are planing to distribute Laptops,Computers etc.From where that all money will come did they have any idea about it? definitively no.People of UP won’t looks mature in electing good governance.As alternate of mayawati they selected party with criminal background members(60%).Ultimately SP and congress tried to Communism election by minority reservation and other issues.Simple thing is just make the promises to people and they will bring you in power.If Mr Modi was in UP for campaign definitely BJP were crossed around 120-130 seats.

    • babloo says:

      That is why it is a big mistake to bring uneducated labor class North Indians to Gujarat. They (not every single one – but large majority) do not have the maturity to vote properly. Look at Kripashankar and Sanjay Nirupam in Mumbai to see what kind of leaders they produce and support in Mumbai.

  9. babloo says:

    Please note – I do not dislike North Indians – just saying it is wrong to bring huge numbers of uneducated people

    • rookie@politics says:

      It’s just that when it comes to elections and voting in gujarat, people start cloning raj thakrey and start talking about north indians occupying gujarat. why don’t they remember this when thier own homes are being constructed, painted, plumbed, furnitured, gardened, looked after (in form of ghar ghatis and security personnel), kitchen helped and last but not the least driven around in cars by these north indians drivers.

      and if you still have a dislike for them, you should be pretty rich to afford employing local people to do all these jobs (as they are almost not available, thanks to booming realty prices) or be self reliant.

      • babloo says:

        I have seen several different countries – nowhere average people use “drivers”. Even Bill Gates and Steve Jobs drove their own cars.

        Advocating self-reliance does not make a person Raj Thakrey(sic).

        For washing clothes – use washing machine
        for washing dishes/vessels – use dish-washing machine
        Learn to press button on lift – without using “liftman”.
        get tea/coffee yourself and lift and move files yourself- instead of asking “peon”

        whole world does it – including China.

        I have lived with family in three different countries WITHOUT servants. Only Indian people are obsessed with having lots of servants. One middle class family in flat with 10/20 servants living in nearby slums is an unhealthy undemocratic society.

  10. Pooja Shah says:

    I’ve often thought how much I’d dislike having to answer questions to which you can’t give any credible replies – such as this. Considering that, Sushma’s retort wasn’t half bad :)

  11. A K says:

    BJP can only come in power if it project Narendra Modi as PM Candidate

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