Insects found in Pizza at Pizza Hut; One Hospitalised

Gandhinagar: Two men found dead insects from the pizza they ordered at a Pizza Hut outlet in Kudasan in Gandhinagar. One of them fell ill and was admitted to the hospital after eating the pizza.

Two friends named Mitesh Vagashiya and Himanshu Bayad went to a Pizza Hut outlet on the 7th of August- Friendship Day. They ordered items including Pizza and Garlic Bread and paid a bill of over Rs 1 thousand. Meanwhile, they found many dead mosquitoes and insects on an empty plate on the table. The waiter changed the plate after they complained. They started eating the pizza ordered by them. They found insects from the pizza after consuming most of it. The manager apologized after they complained about it and gave the enticement of giving them another free order. One of the two friends named Himanshu fell ill with diarrhea and vomiting after going home. He was taken to a private hospital for treatment.