Four pairs of Wolves brought to Wolf Soft Release Centre in Nadabet

Palanpur: Four pairs of wolves are brought to the Wolf Soft Release Center in the Nadabet area of Banaskantha district from a Wold breeding center in Sakkarbaug Zoo of Junagadh.

Chief Minister Patel had virtually dedicated the Wolf Soft Release Centre in Suigam, Nadabet a few days ago at an event in Pavagadh. The pre-release cage is built across 4 hectares and the prey base cage is built across 1 hectare in this Wolf center. It has facilities such as an animal house, monitoring unit, medical unit, and so on. The forest department will train the wolves for prey and self-defense before releasing them in the open forest area.
There are over 33,000 Nilgai in Banaskantha district as per a census by Gir Foundation. It is required to increase the number of wolves in this area to naturally control the number of herbivore animals such as Nilgai. Control of the number of herbivores by releasing Wolfs will help to prevent damage to the crops of the farmers. Range Forest Officer of Tharad is supervising the project. DeshGujarat