500 acre jungle safari and biodiversity park to come up in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad: The Amdavad Municipal Corporation (AMC) is planning to develop a jungle safari park and a diverse biodiversity park here in the city. This project is set to unfold across 500 acres of land in Gyaspur along the Sabarmati River.

The estimated budget for the project is approximately Rs 200 to 250 crore. The AMC has initiated a tender, inviting proposals from experienced consultants who will craft a detailed project report (DPR). Their responsibilities include site mapping, conducting case studies, and developing the park’s infrastructure, animal habitats, and visitor amenities.

The project places a strong emphasis on sustainable practices, encompassing HVAC systems, water supply, sanitation facilities, and green building management. The deadline for proposal submissions is September 26.

Municipal Commissioner M. Thennarasan has outlined the division of the proposed 500-acre area into three distinct sections. The outer periphery will feature a dedicated cycling and jogging track, catering to fitness enthusiasts. The middle layer will transform into a lush green buffer zone, serving as the biodiversity park, where the region’s indigenous flora and fauna will be preserved and celebrated. The inner core area, the focal point of the project, will host the safari.

When questioned about the wildlife expected at the safari park, Thennarasan stated the goal is to accommodate a diverse range of animals, including exotic species like giraffes. The safari upgrade plan, initially designed for the existing zoo, will now be realized at the Gyaspur site. The AMC has already initiated the request for proposal (RFP) process for this extensive project.

With a focus on biodiversity, the parks will showcase a wide variety of tree species and establish natural habitats for various animal species. This approach aims to enable individuals of all age groups to interact with and gain knowledge about wildlife and ecology.