Yogi Adityanath strongly appeals saints to start movement for complete elimination of untouchability, jatiwad, division from Indian society

Visnagar: Speaking at Bhandara function of Nath Yogi Gulabnath, Uttar Pradesh Chief and leading saint of Gorakhnath sect Shri Yogi Adityanath strongly spoke in favor of complete elimination of untouchability, divisions and jatiwad from society. Following are highlights of related portion of Yogi Adityanath’s speech.

-If we were not divided, Somnath could not be demolished by some person from other faith. It was our weakness, it was lack of unity on our part, it was division among us on the lines of jatis, untouchability that the temple was demolished. We can’t expect our shinning future till the time such divisions, untouchability exist in our society.

-I had visited karnataka where I saw a temple of Lord Krishna. In earlier times, darshan of Shri Krishna was possible for others from frontal side, while dalits, Harijans were asksed to have darshan from a window located on one side. However, one dalit servant could always manage to have darshan from frontal side secretly. Once, a purohit scold him and told, you can’t have darshan from frontal side. The servant argued that he would have darshan from frontal place only as it satisfies him. Ultimately, the Lord Krishna turned his face to that window side from where Dalits were allowed to have darshan. As the idol has turned its face to that window’s direction, now all need to go to that window for darshan. Darshan is possible only through that window.

-Our dharmacharyas should take pledge that untouchability must not be a part of our society.

-Kashi Vishswanath gave darshan to Aadi Shankaracharya in form of Chandal. Ramananda said jati pati puchhe nahi koi, hari ko bhaje vo hari ka hoi. He made Ravidas Kabir his disciples.

-When Bhagwan didn’t believe in untouchability, how it can be part of our culture or tradition? Bhagwan Ram didn’t believe in it, Ksishna didn’t believe in it, Shankar didn’ belive in it. No tradition accepted it. Jativad has no place in our society. Whenever jatis divided this society, somnath, kashi vishwanath, ayodhya, mathura temples were attacked. Till how long we will tolerate it? Our supreme dharma is rashtra dharma.

-Saints should go out and inspire in this direction in movement mode. A new movement needs to be started involving every village, every home. Those who are trying to divide India constantly and therefore trying to weaken our nation are day dreaming. They can’t achieve it in reality. Remember, saints can’t be strong if India is weak.


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