Muslim group in Vadodara seeks FIR against BJP’s Nupur Sharma

Vadodara: Around 150-200 members of the Muslim community in Padra taluka of Vadodara have submitted a memorandum to the Mamlatdar urging him to file an FIR against BJP national spokesperson Nupur Sharma for allegedly making objectionable and derogatory remarks regarding Prophet Mohammed and hurting the sentiments of the Muslim community.

Nupur Sharma is alleged to have made those obscene remarks on May 27, 2022 during a television debate on the developments in the Gyanvapi mosque case.

In one of TV debates Nupur Sharma had stated, “they (the co panelist who was a Muslim) should be told to shut up and stop insulting our (Hindu) religion, otherwise, we are very capable of hitting them where it hurts. For example, they may want to call it (Gyanvvapi complex Shiv Ling) a fountain as much as they want but the reality is even the supreme court ordered the immediate protection of that area.”

She had further added, “Shall we start joking about your flying horses and the facts written in Kuran that Prophet Muhammad marries six year old and consummates the marriage when she turns nine… Earth is flat according to Quran 88 20 shall I speak about that just fly away on your flying horses…” DeshGujarat

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