Then TPO, ATPOs, Fire Station Officer arrested in Rajkot fire tragedy case

Rajkot: Four officials have been arrested by Rajkot city police’s Crime Branch in connection with the TRP Game Zone fire tragedy case. They are Rajkot Municipal Corporation’s (RMC) Town Planning Officer (TPO) MD Sagathiya, Assistant Town Planning Officers Gautam Joshi and Mukesh Makwana, and Fire Station Officer Rohit Vigora. Their names have been added to the police complaint filed earlier in this case.


It has been revealed that Town Planning Officer Sagathiya had served a notice last year to demolish the illegal metal structure of the game zone, but later he took no action. Sagathiya is perceived as one of the most corrupt officers in RMC. Rajya Sabha MP Ram Mokariya, in his discussions with several news channels today, described how corrupt Sagathiya was, against whom he had even made representations in the party and the government. For the last two days, the media has shown huge farmhouses and petrol pumps allegedly owned by Sagathiya through corruption money.

Sagathiya’s assistant officials have also been arrested. Station Fire Officer Rohit Vigora is the one who didn’t act against the illegal game zone structure which was under his purview. Although the structure had no fire safety clearance, it continued to function without any action for years.

The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) is also investigating the disproportionate assets of these officials. ACB today held checking at Fire Officer Theba and TPO Sagathiya’s residences. Sagathiya was removed from the post of TPO after the game zone fire tragedy. DeshGujarat