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International Kite Festival, Ahmedabad, 2009, photo gallery

International Kite Festival, Ahmedabad, 2009, photo gallery

International Kite Festival is organized every year on and before 14th of January in Ahmedabad. Photographs given above are from Ahmedabad’s Shahibag Police stadium where the festival has been held this year.

Following is complete detail about IKF-2009

The colors of your imagination would be painted in the sky on the 10th of January, 2009 in Ahmedabad wherein there will be a Spectacular International Kite Flying competition at the Police Stadium, Shahibaug. The Competition would be in 5 different categories like Foreign type painted kite, Foreign type collage work kite. (Cutting and stitching), Miniature kites, Indian fighter kites, Flying foreign painted /collage kites There are 62 international Participates and 72 Domestic Participates. Mr. Jaynarayan Vyas, Minister for state tourism department shall inaugurate the kite competition at 11 am and the competition shall continue till 4pm. Thereafter in the evening at 5pm, Mr. Kamalesh Patel, Chairman Tourism corporation of Gujarat Ltd. shall inaugurate the theme pavilion on Sun kite & Swarnim Gujarat.

The excitement doesn’t end over here. On January 11th 2009, International Kite function will be inaugurated(CLICK HERE FOR LIVE WEBCAST TELECAST) wherein Narendra Modi, Chief Minister, Gujarat will be gracing the occasion and His Excellency, the Governor of Gujarat, Shri Nawal Kishore Sharma shall preside over the function. The programme will start with a cultural programme – ‘Surya ni Sankranti’. A dance performed by 100 various artists highlighting the relationship between Surya- the Dun God and earth and it shall also portray that Sun god is the ultimate source of life on earth. Also life has nine different forms of art – Navras throughout the day right from the morning till evening which makes Sungod an integral part of Navras. These artists shall portray the Navras and its relevance in form a dance. This programme will end with a song- “Patang no parivaar- jagat chhe patang no parivaar” a composition of Avinash Vyas sung by the famous Gaurang Vyas.

On 12th January 2009, Narendra Modi , Chief Minister, Gujarat shall attend a Gala cultural programme – Sankalp Katha- Gujarat(CLICK HERE FOR LIVE WEBCAST TELECAST) . arranged by Sports, Youth & Cultural Activities department. This programme shall highlight the various facets of Gujarat right from lothal till science today, a story on the achievement of Gujarat right from 2500 BC onwards which would not have been possible without a commitment or a pledge and this event shall display how important the pledge is in our lives to achieve in making golden Gujarat, global Gujarat which is the vision .

Apart from which, there are many live programmes like Kite Painting Competition by Children, Night Kite Flying which would engage people of different nationalities, religions and ages come together to seek out the magnificence of Kites along with a theme pavilion on Sun, Kite & Swarnim Gujarat, adventure sports, food court, craft Bazaar and live kite workshop to make all these three to four days very interesting.

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  1. kiran gunvantlal gandhi says:

    it is one of the best i have ever seen.

  2. Pavitran says:

    Dear Readers,
    The international Kite fliers were from 31 countries and the participants is 79 and near about 127 national kite fliers from various states of India and Gujarat. It is to be noted that the highest number of International kite fliers participants in Indian history.

  3. valmiki says:

    An overwhelming response of more than 8000 participants from 115 cities of India coming from the huge range of age, profession and cultural groups has motivated us to take the entire movement to the next level.When such an over whelming number of people join a platform, then there is an obvious need to make the platform larger.

    the organisers of the Rang Rasiya Freedom of Expression Movement feel immense pleasure to introduce and welcome you all to a global Artist Networking Portal. Please join our artist’s community at http://freedomofexpressionmovement.ning.com/ . We aim to make this community a platform which enables artists to interact with each other, exchange ideas around art making, viewing and showcasing. All this is just a part of our endeavour to make the Freedom of Expression Movement, the largest ever platform for artistic talent.

    All of you have not yet participated in the competition log on towww.rangrasiya.com and chase the spirit of Raja Ravi Varma.
    Let’s come together and make a difference an Art Way.

  4. I was a guest at this years international kite festival. I can’t thank the organisers, the tourism people, the government enough for giving me the opportunity to see and know your country and people. I was very well looked after and appreciate every memory you have given me. Congratulations to everyone involved in the organization.

  5. i wanted knoe participate in this event so what is the procedure n other main details of it.

  6. Nisha says:

    Dear Sir,

    Can you please give me the date and how to come and see the international kite flying festival in year 2010?

  7. Bhavin Joshi says:

    It’s excellent Work. I m Gujarati, presently in Singapore, after watching these photos, i remembered my place. Thanks to u.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Bhavin Joshi.

  8. K. Shah says:

    I have performed in Surya ni Sankranti’ & Sankalp Katha- Gujarat…
    I want to watch the vedio n images of boath… how can i?

  9. K. Shah says:

    I have performed in Surya ni Sankranti’ & Sankalp Katha- Gujarat…
    I want to watch the vedio n images of boath… how can i?

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