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A complete list of what Gujarat gets from Railway budget 2011-12

A complete list of what Gujarat gets from Railway budget 2011-12
Ahmedabad, DeshGujarat, 25 February, 2011

Indian Railway minister Mamata Banerjee today presented Railway budget of financial year 2011-12 in parliament. Following is the list of Gujarat related announcement in her budget speech.

Feasibility study for the electrification of the following sections will be undertaken:
-Ahmedabad-Palanpur-Phulera-Ringus-Rewari-Delhi including Kandla/Mundra Port-Gandhidham-Bhildi-Palanpur

Doubling surveys that are proposed to be taken up in 2011-12:
-Rajkot -Viramgam
-Ahmedabad – Junagarh
-Rajkot – Surendranagar
-Virar – Ahmedabad 3rd line
-Ahmedabad – Palanpur

Gauge conversion surveys to be taken up in 2011-12
- Hapa – Dahisar
- Veraval – Dhasa Juntion via Talala – Visavadar – Khijadia

On the basis of requests received from the members, state government and others, the following surveys are proposed to be taken up in 2011-12:
-Rail connectivity to Santalpur, Suigam, Vav, Sanchor, Radhanpur
-Taranga-Abu Road via Ambaji
-Rail connectivity to Gariadhar taluka in Bhavnagar
-Sabarmati-Abu Road
-Palanpur-Ambaji-Abu Road
-Rail linkage for Delhi-Mumbai industrial corridor in Gujarat

New doubling works that are proposed to be taken up this year:

The following new gauge conversion works are proposed to be taken up next year:
-Mehsana – Taranga hill
-Miyagam – Dabhoi – Samlaya

Following new line project will be taken up in 2011-12:
- Somnath-Kodinar

Increase in frequency of trains:
-Nagpur-Ahmedabad express from weekly to bi-weekly(11453/11454)
-Rajkot-Porbandar Express from 3 days to daily(19571/19572)
-Surat-Amravati fast passenger from 2 days to 3 days(59025/59026)

The run of the following trains will be extended:
-Valsad – Vadodara express to Dahod(12929/12930)
-Surat – Bhavnagar express to Mahuva(19025/19026)
-Sultanpur – Ajmer express to Ahmedabad(19603/19604)

New DEMU service to be introduced:
-Ahmedabad – Patan

Following new passenger service will be introduced:
-Bhuj -Palanpur passenger (Daily)

New express trains that are proposed:
-Ahmedabad-Yesvantpur AC express (weekly) via Hubli, Bijapur
-Bhavnagar – Kochuvelli express (weekly) via Panvel, Madgaon
-Bhuj – Dadar express(bi-weekly)
-Porbandar – Kochuveli express(weekly) via Panvel, Madgaon
-Puri – Gandhidham express(weekly) via Durg
-Varanasi-Ahmedbad express (weekly) via Ajmer

To take forward efforts of promoting rail tourism, a special “Janam Bhoomi Gaurav” train connecting important historical and educational places is introduced:

To mark the 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda which will be celebrated in 2013, a new train called “Vivek Express” has been proposed.
-Dwarka-Tuticorin express (weekly) via Wadi

Increase in frequency of Duronto services:
-Mumbai – Ahmedabad Duronto express from 3 days to daily(12267/12268)

AC double-decker services are proposed to be introduced on the following route:
-Ahmedabad – Mumbai

New AC Duronto proposed:
-Pune – Ahmedabad AC Duronto(tri-weekly)

In last two budgets 251 updating surveys/new surveys for new lines/gauge conversion/doubling were announced. Of these the following surveys have been completed or will be completed by the end of this financial year. These lines will also be taken up in the 12th plan:
-Bhavnagar – Mahuva
-Ahmedabad – Botad and Dhasa – Jetalsar
-Rajkot – Viramgam
-Bhavnagar – Tarapore

The target of 10,17 km has been fixed for gauge conversion including this Gujarat route:
-Ankleshwar – Rajpipla

The target for doubling was fixed as 700 km for the year 2010-11 and this target will be met. Sections which have either been completed or will be completed during 2010-11 are as under:
-Gandhidham – Kandla port
-Gandhidham – Adipur

The target of 800 km for gauge conversion was fixed for 2010-11 and thi will be met. The section which have either been completed or will be completed during 2010-11 are:
-Bodeli – Chhotaudepur
-Bharuch – Samni – Dahej

Integrated suburban railway networks: Development of integrated suburban railway network in large cities including Ahmedabad is proposed.

Setting up of Polytechnic: A new polytechnic will be set up at Vadodara under MOU with ministry of Human Resources Development.

Golden Rail Corridor:Pre-feasibility study for the western leg(Delhi-Mumbai) of the Golden Rail Corridor would start early next year. The study is being undertaken with help from Japan, with the objective of raisin speed of passenger trains to 160-200 kmph, similar studies will be initiated for other corridors including Ahmedabad-Mumbai.

Extension of train management system to Ahmedabad station to provide information on running of train.

Extension of Rail Yatri Sevaks with modern trolleys to Ahmedabad station.

MFCs with budget hotels at Bhuj and Anand

Up-gradation of stations under which safe drinking water, pay & use toilets, high-level platforms, better accessibility for the physically challenged and many other facilities will be provide at railway stations. The stations are: Gandhigram, Navsari, New Bhuj, Udhna

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  1. nishant says:

    nothing for halar

  2. Dr.B R Pandit says:

    -Bhavnagar – Kochuvelli
    Surat – Bhavnagar express to Mahuva(19025/19026)
    The first train may be a link train starting from Bhavnagar and Porbander as it is not clear at present.
    Secondly at present we do not have Bhavnagar Surat train but we have Mahuva Surat weekly that may be extended upto Bhavnagar or it may be a mix train again it is not clear .However we need daily train between Bhavnagar and Surat.
    Both announcement is nothing as we do not have any train after 10years of gap.
    A daily night train is of immediate requirement for Bhavnagar
    Bharat pandit

  3. ER.RATHOD says:

    no any train connectivity from bhavnagar to north indian region . mamta ji why there is only south n eastern area ??????????????????

  4. saahil says:

    why they dont make rajkot-secunderabad a daily train. there has been a long demand to make the train daily and decrease the trip hours by making it super express.

  5. ER. Patel says:

    First think for gujarat and then think for Halar…

  6. gujarati says:

    I alos want one!!

  7. nb says:

    The Railway was a subjugetion colonial tool for the colonialist of Britain.And they always favoured Anglo Indian and Bangali Babus who were even Anti Indian to extreme to please their Gore masters.

    The truth is although Ghandi recognised Railway as Chains of colonialist wanting to dominate,desecrate and divide India.
    British knowingly built Bridges over holy places and rivers to annoy Hindus.
    After so called independence, the Railway Banglalis of Delhi Saltanat has left the old relationship of Master and Slave in the original British colonial tradition.All states get neglected and Money generated by Railway is diverted and looted depriving Railway for funds to expand and to repair.

    If Gujarat wants to truly develop the Gujarat, then Gujarati Government should make a effort to free Gujarat from the colonial Dhoosari of Indian Railway , and start Low Carbon Rapid electric Inter city Transport system that is weather proof,reliable and so frequent that the stations have a new train every 2 to 3 minutes every hour during the day until 12 at night then every half hour or hourly.
    What Mumta has done is a clever ploy to give rest of India a fake promise not solid commitment.
    The money is spent for Bangalis and Bangali election.
    A feasibility study is a simple exercise to favour a son in law or other corrupt person millions of rupees to write an essay of yes or know of a probable project.

    Wake up Guys, fight & Get Independant Gujarati electric oil free Infrastructure, trains Independant of Indian Railway..
    Every time the Price of a Barrel of Oli goes up by 10$ the economy suffers GDP of a country goes dawn by 1%.
    Sorry to wake you up from a Mumtabai’s suhana sapna.

  8. great gujarati says:


    =>What is the cost of Electric train project starting from production to implementation through out Gujarat?
    =>The number of trains we need ?
    =>What company to get the technology from ? How much will they charge ?
    =>Do we need new rail tracks ? If yes, then gigantic cost of it. If no, then what technology can accommodate existing implementation.
    =>Do we need to alter existing infrastructure for it ? If yes, then to what extent ? If no, then to find out similar type of technology
    =>If implemented successfully, then central railway system would become redundant. If used both altogether, then confusion in terms of management in many ways.

    Just, lot of Questions.

  9. vikash says:

    mamtaji kuch accha to kiya kro

  10. Jitendra T says:

    When railway will have gujarati minister?

  11. saroj says:

    train okha uttaranchal exp must need stopage at ahmedabad which is stopped

  12. saroj says:

    we have many trouble in break journey via delhi or haridwar

  13. Mr. B. s Makwana says:

    It is hopeless budget for Saurashtra, Amreli, Veraval & Bhavnagar. Nobody from saurashtara side is taking leadership for railway ministry, UPA & NDA ( Party : Congrss & BJP both are hopless for Poor people).
    Why Minister thinking only our State. They should think for all people of Indian. Since long time Demanded for Bhavnagar but since 10 years nothing is given. Dhasa Jetalsar & Botad – Ahmedabad gauge conversion is urgently needed.

    Wake up Guys, fight & Get Independant Gujarati For electric Trains ,oil free Infrastructure, Independant of Indian Railway..
    Every time the Price of a Barrel of Oli goes up by 10$ the economy suffers GDP of a country goes dawn by 1%.
    Sorry to wake you up from a Mumtabai’s suhana sapna. Travelers are looting poor people do very fast .

    VIRSINH Makwana

  14. Bimal Patel says:

    Extention of Valsad -VadodaraExp(12929/12930) and Gujarat Queen919109/19110) upto Vapi due to Industrial Growth and Silvassa,Daman industrial Area.

  15. Anilkumar Dixit says:

    The frequency of Nagpur-Ahmedabad Prerana Express (11454) was increased but rail web site does not show this change yet.Kindly clarify & I would further request that this train should be a daily train looking to heavy rush on this route. Thanks.

  16. Anonymous says:

    please do something bhavnagar rail. I request to rail minister take action for bhavnagar rail devision. make a short way bhavnagar-mumbai via baroda , surat,navsari,valsad,vapi&make double,electric rail way. Also double electric rail way bhavnagar-ahemdabad.

  17. mukesh says:

    New railway budget train
    12959 ddr to bhuj three weekly
    and bhuj ddr 12960 two weekly

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