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Ahmedabad-Mumbai AC double-decker train launch on Wednesday: Timings, fare, booking … know everything here

Ahmedabad, 17 September 2012

Western Railway is going to introduce first of its kind 12931/12932 Double Decker Super Fast Express between Mumbai Central & Ahmedabad. The inaugural service will be run o­n 19th September, 2012 as Train No. 02932 at 16.30 hrs from Ahmedabad. It will reach Mumbai Central at 00.30 hrs.

From 20th September, 2012, Train No. 12931Mumbai Central-Ahmedabad Double Decker Super Fast Express will depart from Mumbai Central at 14.20 hrs from Monday to Saturday and reach Ahmedabad at 21.40 hrs. In its return journey, Train No. 12932 Ahmedabad-Mumbai Central Double Decker Super Fast Express will depart from Ahmedabad at 06.00 hrs from Monday to Saturday and reach Mumbai Central at 13.00 hrs.

This train consists of AC Chair class. The carrying capacity of a coach of Double Decker Super Fast Express will be 120seats while the capacity of a coach of Shatabdi Express is 78 i.e. 54% more. It is planned to provide a mini Pantry Car Service in the train which will provide snacks etc. to the passengers’ o­n payment. It is also planned to make available LCD screens in the train to provide entertainment to the passengers o­n advertisement basis with no cost to the railways.

It will halt at Borivali, Vapi, Surat, Bharuch, Vadodara, Anand & Nadiad in both the directions.

The fare of the Double Decker Super Fast Express from Mumbai Central will be Rs 318/- for Surat, Rs 406/- for Vadodara and Rs 471/- for Ahmedabad. The train will cover the distance of 492 kms between Mumbai Central & Ahmedabad in about 7 hours while Karnavati Express takes about 7.40 hrs.

This train will help in easing out the passenger traffic between two important commercial & industrial cities of India. At present, Western Railway already runs 27pairs of trains between Mumbai and Ahmedabad. In addition to it, 28 weekly trains also run through Central Railway to Ahmedabad via Vasai Road station.

The booking of Inaugural Train No. 02932 and regular train Nos. 12931/12932 will open from18th September, 2012.

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  1. Jawan says:

    A hault should be given to Vadodara.

  2. nim nam says:

    how will this blind following of western nations will work in india?
    where will the passengers keep their bags?

  3. NEO says:

    I am not sure whether I should celebrate or lament this moment. Yes, it is true that this first of its kind train will help in easing the traffic. However, look at the figures…it will take 7 hours to travel 500 kilometers, which translates into the average speed of 70 kmph!! Japan is running high speed bullet trains (they travel at about 250 kmph) for last 40 years. Several bullet trains are launched in China in the last 10 years and the network is still expanding at a neck breaking speed. I have been reading about feasibility reports of running a bullet train between Pune and Ahmedabad for last 5-6 years, and our PM has finally cleared it few months back. However, I don’t think any work has started, and I doubt even if my next generation will get to see such high speed trains in India. While the world is taking quantum leaps, we are still crawling like a turtle, and the sad part is we are happy about it! Our government is out of money and I wonder how they will manage the funds for such projects. Chinese government is flushed with money and burning with the strong desire of making China a powerful country. Hence they are progressing.

    Dear Desh Gujarat Editor,
    I have no complaints againt this particular article. However, I am frustrated with the state of affairs in India. Things are just not improving in India. I am just tired of seeing myself as a citizen of a loser and a tired country.

    • jayhind says:

      The Western Railway is amazingly heavily burdened with passenger and freight traffic. I am amazed with the present two way traffic (one up and one down train on only two rail tracks)which is literally mannually operated is functioning so effeciently. To be able to do model anything like the Japan rail, it will need new set of tracks, which in my opinion are badly, badly needed to handle high speed rail. The present tracks after riding experience on them do not seem to be that well in shape to handle any higher speed traffic than what it is now capable.

    • vishal patel says:

      Very True , I am 110% agreed with you.

    • Sanjim says:

      @ NEO

      Projects like that need BIG money… first our dear ministers need to chalk down at what points can THEY make something out of such projects.. Remember the CWG scam!!! a toilet roll with a high price tag. Well same thing implies is every project in our country.. a train seat or a toilet seat will do the trick for them.

  4. ganesh says:

    Both Shatabdi Exp and Double decker SF Exp halts are same then why the difference of 15 min. I want to know what is the parameter the Railways use in fixing speed or timings of different trains. Mumbai Rajdhani to Delhi takes 16hrs with 4 stops but Duranto AC Exp for the same destination takes 19hrs+ with out stoppages. Same way Mumbai (Kurla) to Haridwar AC Exp speed from Bhopal to Nizamuddhin is much less has compare to Bhopal Shatabdi Exp if stoppages from Bhopal to Nizamuddhin is considered between both trains. It is simple maths, passanger trains reaches more faster than Exp train can any one believe. Lastly why railways does not seems to look into the infrastructure development between Mumbai and Chennai and southern india like doubling and electrifying the track and which allows increase in speed and more number of train.

  5. kevin patel says:

    @ NEO

    I completely agree with you

  6. Prakash Patel says:

    good facility for passengers

  7. Prakash Patel says:

    it disturbs the memu train for pass holders from ahmedabad to vadodara..

  8. Sagar Patel says:

    very nice .For travelling.

  9. Taher Vohra says:

    I want to add a comment that yesterday I traveled through the same train, and I tell u that there are no spaces for heavy luggage to be kept, Specially for people travelling from Mumbai to Ahmedabad, most of the people are carrying heavy bags as they come from big cities but there is hardly any provision for that, passengers have to keep their bags below their seats and also there is a lot of wastage of space.

    Also adding to it,Yesterday the train met with an accident it collided with the buffalo and due to that the train had to stop for nearly 45 mins, the train driver and railway staff were lagging the basic necessities of driving the cattle off from the tracks and that was again a big blunder.

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