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Gujarat BJP leaders to dissect election results

Ahmedabad, 3 January 2012

The state BJP meeting in Gandhinagar today decided to start the process of formation of state BJP organization. Mehsama MP and party’s state women’s cell president Jahshriben Patel was appointed the state organization officer, while Shabdasharan Brahmbhatt and Nitinbhai Bharadwaj were appointed joint officer.

The party will complete formation of booth committees by end of the month of January. BJP state office bearers will visit various districts and cities to analyze the results of recently concluded assembly elections and prepare detail reports.

Party workers were guided to be prepared for forthcoming Municipality, Taluka/district panchayat elections.

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  1. Amit Dhorajiwalla says:

    What definately nees looking at is how 121 seats gradually came down to 115, just enough for PC Lunghi to bark that Modi got LESS seats than last election. The only thing is that this was preplanned by EC so that Congress, Sonia and PC Lunghi were pleased.

  2. KANT says:

    WE all agree to disagree….
    The bottom line is CONGRESS party can not and will not form a GOVERNMENT in GUJARAT….
    THEY have done only good thing to FOOL,ROB,LOOT people….
    ANYONE can say anything to prove point but CONGRESS Lost big time and that is the truth….
    I am proud of GUARATIS that they did not fall for all the LIES from CONGRESS Party….
    WHERE EVER SONIA went to address , CONGRESS party candidate lost big time and I like s that the3 most and THE MAGIC of MR . BUDHUU (RAHUL GANDHI) did not help also…. JAY HIND….

    I predict in 2014 this lady from ITALY will leave nation and take her puppies with her and all CONSPIRATORS will be in HIDING….

    CONGRESS party will start POISONING in common mind about COMMUNAL dissatisfaction… but they will not succeed…. I KNOW congress party RASCALS too well….
    YOU can not continue fool all the people all the time… and PEOPLE are becoming smart….
    THIS GUJARAT ELECTION showed that young VOTERS have voted to KICK CONGRESS Party out..JAY HIND.

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