Recommended: Narendra Modi’s Amethi speech(Video)

Ahmedabad, 5 May 2014

Specialty of today’s speech of Narendra Modi at Amethi was that, this was the laudest challenge to ruling Gandhi family in their own bastion.

-Amethi will prove political pundits wrong because political pundits sits in AC rooms and shift percentages here and there, but what is the mood of people? If they want to understand the mood, they need to visit Gauriganj(the venue of rally) and witness the mood of people, the sea of people. The voting till now has confirmed that voters have ensured departure of the mother son government. Even if they pull out people from jail to attempt political deal with them, they can’t come to power. Now your task is to form a strong government by sending lotus from Amethi.

-When party decided to send Smritiji to contest from Amethi, it was beleived that she had been sent to Amethi because she was celebrity, Tulsi mere angan ki and nothing beyond that. They thought Rahul bhaiya will face some trouble due to Smriti as challenger. I want to reveal my strategy, my idea behind sending Smritiji here. The motive was not to make trouble for Rahul bhaiya. He is already in trouble. I haven’t send Smriti to increase Rahul’s trouble, I sent her to reduce Amethi’s troubles. Smritiji works with me. She is Rajya Sabha member from Gujarat. And when she was elected, I assigned her a task to take care of a district that had least development. I asked her to change the situation there. And I can proudly tell that she did the job. She changed the district. And then I took decison that I will send Smritiji to the district that has worst condition in Uttar Pradesh. Amethi was not in my mind at that time, but later when I studied, I found that a district with worst condition was Amethi. I have decided, I will change Amethi in next seven months so much that world’s universities will come here to study how worst district can be changed. I have selected Smriti, now you have to approve her. I have not come here to do politics of ‘badla’ (revenge), I am here for politics of badlav(change). And I have faith in my younger sister(Smriti). Everyone keeps faith on his sister, I have lot of faith. The (Gandhi) family boasts to have connecting with you for last forty years. I urge media persons. Let give Gandhi family and Smriti Irani opportunity to stand on same stage, and ask them names of villages of Amethi Lok Sabha seat area. I guarantee suppose if Smriti will be able to give names of 100 villages, this entire Gandhi family will not name 10 names. (For Gandhi family)what is the meaning of connecting to people? Only collecting votes? Now BJP is going to form a government. I want to build India, but first I want to build Amethi. She(Priyanka Gandhi) said I should stop ABCD, but I want to start ‘A’ from Amethi only, and want to bring development here.

-I wonder, when they question Gujarat model in every streets. Those who are questioning Modi, did they question the condition of Amethi?

-In Gujarat when I became Chief Minister, I found that after third standard, girl child used to leave schools because schools had no separate toilet for girls. I was literally feeling shame. Those who were boasting how well Gujarat was before Modi came to power should know that this was the state of toilets. 76,000 toilets were built for girls so that they can have education.

-Tell me, does anyone from you demand Mercedes, bungalow or tickets to America? You need drinking water, road, toilet, right? Big leaders(elected from here) didn’t provide you even this much.

-I am here to plant dreams in eyes of youths. I am here so that your dreams can be mine.

-Look at the arrogance of Congress party. Their one leader(Priyanka Gandhi) dares to say ‘who is Smriti Irani(when media asked her to tell something about Smriti Irani as challenge)? Raj pariwars have no right to ask such question. Even simple common person is son of this soil.

-And let me reply who is Smriti Irani. I tell you who is she. She is my younger sister. You(Gandhi family) have ruined this land for last forty years, she has been here to do good here. She is here to wash your sins.

-What does this nation want? Dynasty, nepotism? I watched Ghoshna Patra programme in which journalist try to suffocate politicians. Smriti was excellent at giving replies.

-For last four five days they are taking my name, and madam Soniaji said ‘this Modi is asking for something’. I told ‘yeh dil mange more’ and I say this even today. I am here to ask for something. In democracy, people are like God, and I am proud of going to people to seek something. And madam Soniaji, has your royal family left something for us poor? And we do seek, but don’t loot. Who’s better? One who seeks, or one who loots? I am proud of the fact that people are with me. One who seeks is better than one who loots.

Madam Soniaji said, this Modi feels like he is already a PM even before election results. I can understand how mother feels. She would like her son to be settled. She as a mother is seeing her ten years hard work is going to waste. I can understand her problem. And what more I should say? Just that Aapke munh mein ghee shakkar. That is the proverb people use.

I can understand anger of mother/son because till now they cheated nation in name of poor people, and they never thought that son of poor mother will challenge them. One tea seller will challenge them. I am a Chief Minister of a rich state for last over ten years, but my mother who is over 90 goes to vote in rickshaw on hire.

-Modi demolished Rahul’s excuse that he couldn’t do much in Amethi because of Samajwadi Party government in Uttar Pradesh. Modi said if this was the case, show the papers. Modi said he can confidently say that if he is in center and if he asks Mulayamsingh Yadav(SP chief), he would help to implement scheme in his state. Even Collector and BSP/SP MLAs of Amethi will extend help. Who will not want good thing to happen in state? Modi pointed out how good relations Congress has with SP, BSP, and therefore the excuse is wrong. Modi gave example, how Samajwadi Party has not fielded any candidate against Congress leader here.

-Reacting to Rahul’s charge that Modi’s speech has anger, Modi gave example of how Sonia Gandhi’s Congress men had thrown out then Congress president Sitaram Kesri from Congress office, and how Rajiv Gandhi had insulted then Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister.

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