One arrested in Vadodara for alleged rape and acid attack threat to Hindu woman

Vadodara: Navapura police in Vadodara have nabbed one Muhammad Hussain Sheikh and booked him under IPC sections 376, 354(A)(D), 323, 506(2), 406 and 452 after a Hindu married woman filed a complaint against him.

Muhammad is into tile fitting work. According to a complaint of a Hindu victim woman, the accused allegedly raped her and also threatened to face an acid attack. A 26-year-old accused Sheikh had according to the complaint followed a Hindu married woman for about one and half year when she was out to buy vegetables. The victim woman was pressurized to have relation and she was also given a mobile phone by the accused. When her relatives were out of town, Sheikh entered into the house of a victim woman post-midnight and raped her. He also threatened her to commit an acid attack. As she revealed this to her family member, she was advised to file a police complaint.

The victim Hindu woman has alleged that about 20 days after she was sexually abused, Muhammad brought her to a Dargah where she was given sweet and rose water and was also offered tavij. The victim has alleged that this was an attempt at her religious conversion. The accused also managed to have victim woman’s ornaments and sold them. Police later recovered them.