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Krishna’s Dwarka:Archeologist S.R. Rao’s speech( English mp3)


This episode/speech is in English

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Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Bangalore based Dr. S.R. Rao, a living legend, now at 84, but once an active, high profile archeologist who discovered Indus valley civilization site of Lothal, who bravely excavated Siddhpur’s Rudramahel site against all the odds, who successfully accomplished underwater excavation to discover Lord Krishna’s Dwarka city’s remains in Arabian Sea for 11 years, was in Ahmedabad recently to deliver a lecture and to share his knowledge about Lord Krishna’s submerged capital city Dwarka.

DeshGujarat.Com recorded his speech in which he presented some important aspects of his Dwarka discovery.

Mr. Rao has handed over a project to the government of Gujarat for building an underwater museum in Arabian Sea at Dwarka. He says that it would be interesting for people to actually see Lord Krishna’s Dwarka city’s fort wall and other remains under the water.
Salute to Mr. Rao for whatever he has done for Gujarat and for what he still intends to do.

S.R.Rao talking with us reporters in detail,
everything about Dwarka


And when Mr. S.R. Rao was in Ahmedabad for his lecture, we some three reporters grabbed an opportunity to talk with him in detail about Dwarka excavations of last century, his comment on recent excavations and findings near Dwarka in Arabian Sea and his proposed project of underwater museum.

This talk is in English

Download this talk

Links about S.R.Rao

Interview of S.R. Rao by The-Week

S.R. Rao’s biography

S.R. Rao’s interview by The Hindu

Dwarka Excavation’s Video

Dwarka, DeshGujarat

Krishna’s Dwaraka was a western Indian city that according to Vishnu Purana was submerged by the sea right after the death of Lord Krishna. This was regarded as a grandiose metaphor, part of a story filled with great myths but In the early eighties an important archaeological site was found at Dwaraka from the Arabian sea, the site of the legendary city of Lord Krishna. Now, it is discovered that the whole coast of western India sank by nearly 40 feet around 1500 B.C. E. Why is that the rediscovery of Dwaraka has not attracted the same degree of attention in the West ? Big question that is.

Dwarka Excavation’s Links

An ancient harbour at Dwarka: Study based on the recent underwater explorations (pdf) Report by A. S. Gaur, Sundaresh and Sila Tripati

National Institute of oceanography Report on Dwarka

Submerging of Dwarka: Report


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  1. Our sindhi Legend Atta Mohammad Bhanbhro ,Writer,Archeologist, wants contact with Mr S.R RAO, Please send his contacts

  2. DeshGujarat says:

    Shri Ali Hassan Mallah,

    It’s a pleasure to know about Atta Mohammad Bhabhro. Please say our ‘Kem chho’ from Gujarat to him.

    We have some regular Gujarati visitors from Pakistan at DeshGujarat.Com. Most of them are from Sindh and some from Lahore.

    It gives us great pleasure to have visitors from Sindh because Sindh is neighbor of our Desh Gujarat.

    Mr. Rao’s phone numbr is (*****We have mailed you*****). He resides in Jaynagar area of Bangalore.

    Jay Gujarat,
    Desh Gujarat desk,

  3. Malcom says:

    Wonderful experience to listen to Mr. Rao himself who is truely a maestro and Deep traveller of unexplored streets of archeology.

  4. Vinay Ashutosh Tiwari says:

    Thanks a lot to make me know about the underwater excavations of the ancient Dwaraka puri of the lord Krishna

  5. Atri Joshi says:

    I am very delighted to listen to Mr. Rao’s speech. It proves the existence of our glorious past and Lord Shri Krishna himself whose existence has often been ridiculed by western historians. A lot more research needs to be done to unearth the great history of this great civilization.

    Jai Shri Krishna

  6. Sreenivas Chaparala says:

    Please send me the email and telephone contact of Mr. S.R. Rao.
    I would like to visit him sometime next year during my trip to India and I will take the necessary appointment.
    I would like to know what we can do in order to discover Indian History dated back to the times of Rama and Krishna.


  7. thotak says:

    The Video link appears to be broken, streaming works to a level but fails after that. Please fix the same and let us know.

  8. Gunashekar.S. says:

    Its really great, Dr. S.R. Rao is truly a living legend of our country.
    I am from Bangalore staying in J.P.Nagar which is close to Jayanagar where Dr. S.R. Rao is residing.
    Could you please send me the residence address and contact no of Dr. S.R. Rao, so that I can personally meet him at his residence if possible.

    He has showed the world that our Hindu dharma was existed in the Krishna’s time and Lord Krishna is a true god of all.

  9. ARUNA says:


  10. ATANU DEy says:

    please let me know about latest historical theory about lord krishna’s capital dwarka

  11. Pooveneswary says:

    interesting facts!! I wish to know more about lost city of dwarka

  12. Sridhar and Rukmini says:

    Dwarka was the mostfantastic, grand and advanced city ever in the whole world. Krishna the supreme Lord designed marvels beyond the comprehension of anyone.The ruins found in the sea are merely the tip of the iceberg.The constantly renovated Dwarka exists in the botoom of the ocean and in the heavens.Dwarka was is and will be unmatched for its riches,splendour and technological marvels.Dwarka literally means passage to heaven.

  13. moiz says:

    Our sindhi Legend Atta Mohammad Bhanbhro ,Writer,Archeologist, wants contact with Mr S.R RAO, Please send his contacts

  14. khalid Mumtaz says:

    I want to appreciate your services rendered for the cause of developing and promoting culture and civilization

  15. Jay Parmar says:

    I have always watched the Mahabharat since I was a child and was always fascinated by it and determined to prove its occurrence. As a result, I even went into forensic anthropology for a career. Is there any chance that I may be able to get even Dr. Rao’s e-mail address, so that I may be able to learn more about his findings please?
    It would be very much appreciated.


  16. Vanaja G Pillay says:

    Dear Sirs,

    I am a feature writer for a magazine call JITO World, I would like to have his telephone & physical address.



  17. Vanaja G Pillay says:

    Dear Sirs,

    I am a feature writer for a magazine called JITO World. I would like to have Mr. S. R. Rao’s telephone & physical address.



  18. charmi baua says:

    i am a practicin architect in mumbai.. Was looking for a shift of career from architecture to archaeology..
    Can u kindly provide me the contact no. and address of Dr. S.R. Rao.. thanx..

  19. dilip patel says:

    I was over the moon when i found outy about the discovery of Dwarka.I want to know what the Govt of Gujarat is doing to revive this city. All the development and progress in our state means nothing if the Govt cannot revive , probably the greatest proof of our belief which has been handed ndown to us by Mr Rao. Mr Modi is my hero but he will have to do this karma for our Dharma. Let us prove the critics wrong and show the world the wonder that was Dwarka

  20. Santhosh Kumar C says:

    It is again proved that hindiuism is the true and only religion that respects and values all pronciples of life, and all those were mentioned by lord krishna and all those who criticise hindu religion should learn a lesson from this

    • Rkumar says:

      Mr. Satish, If you wish to be a true Hindu, practice tolerance and treat differences with others whether in religion or clothes or habits to be your own. India is a land that welcomed people that were persecuted by others. Hinduism does not ask you to differentiate.


  21. Alpesh Parmar says:

    Dear sir
    I have seen your video I like it very much…
    I would to do documentary on it I need your support to make this possible

  22. dear sir, says:

    Dear Sir,
    i m a devotee of lord krishna and when i
    saw the video and was overwhelmed with joy.
    please send me the fotos of Dwaraka

  23. dear sir, says:

    please do send me the mail-id of Dr. S.R.Rao.
    thanks in advance

  24. Nice to go through underwater video by Dr. Rao. I am American Canadian Underwater Certifications (ACUC International) Scuba Instructor Trainer and running 2 dive centres: one at Thane in Maharashtra and another right in the city of Dwarka along with Bambhania brothers. I had dived couple of times in Dwarka. I am interested and glad to support from the bottom of my heart to Dr. Rao for his underwater excavation. Vijay +91 9821176698

  25. Vijay says:

    Nice to go through underwater video by Dr. Rao.
    I am American Canadian Underwater Certifications (ACUC International) Scuba Instructor Trainer and running 2 dive centres: one at Thane in Maharashtra and another right in the city of Dwarka along with Bambhania brothers.
    I had dived couple of times in Dwarka.
    I am interested and glad to support from the bottom of my heart to Dr. Rao for his underwater excavation.
    Vijay +91 9821176698

  26. meena says:

    Hounarable Dr. Rao
    I am devotee of lord krishna Ihappened to see the vedeo of the archaeological findings of Dwarka city.I was overwhelmed with joy Isalute to ur efferts


  27. meena says:

    Hounorable Dear sir

    I am devotee of lord Krishna I happened to see the vedeo of the archaeological findings of Dwarka city. I was overwhelmed with joy I salute to ur efforts

  28. Ajay says:


    I am currently a student in the IB diploma program, in which I have to write an extended essay. I have chosen to do it on history and am looking into how the Aryan Invasion Theory doesn’t work, in light of evidence which has been discovered in the last few decades as well as why it was created and the impact it has had on the Indian civilization. One of these evidences in the finding of the city of Dwarka. Therefore, I would really appreaciate it if you could send me Dr. SR. Rao’s email address so that I might be able to use him as a source. I was going to be asking questions mainly pertaining to the topic stated above. Thank you in advance.

  29. Our Hindustan Needs 1000 Of Rao’s to make the world clear about the facts of Lord Krishna & Hinduism that it is the oldest religion in the world and is the only religion to survive in the world….

  30. NARASIMHA says:

    Mr. Rao has made us all Hindus to further instill the believe that we always had. This further asserts that the TRUTH can’t be with held for ever and it will present it-self in misterious ways. It would be great if we can all contribute to this noble cause in our humble yet useful way…I believe Lord Krishna, an extradinory human or GOD him-self has helped us to know about his existence. Thank you.

  31. Bala says:

    Dear Dr S R Rao,
    me and our Global community salute your works on our great civilization.
    I have downloaded your videos and used for my students here in Malaysia…
    and I am very interested to do PhD in human civilization and architecture…
    I have moved couple of month ago from Chennai.

    hope to meet you soon
    M.S.Arch (Hon-USSR), IIA, COA, AIA, FIV, (RA-NY

  32. Bala says:

    In Iran Ur Uru in Tamil also URU mean village/town/city like this Egypt Amun temple is in tamil AMMAN temple, Egypt and greeks are our ancestor migrated from Indus valley with all civilized knowledge including building construction and craftsmanship

  33. Bala says:

    I would like to find common proof and evidence of our culture.tradition,science.architecture without any religious icon, to our brotherhood of Jews,christian and Islamic

  34. S.Saravanakumar says:

    I really thank Mr. Rao, I want that Dwarka photos. It gives immense happy to know the Lord krishna’s Own Dwelling Place.

  35. Sanjay Kumar Mishra says:

    We at Explore Media Centre is formed by a group of enthusiastic media professionals who believe that well researched and produced TV/Internet programming will always be appreciated by the audience in India and Abroad. Drawing experience and expertise from production, programming and marketing, the core group of promoters and advisers believe India today demands the need to go beyond general entertainment content creation. It is high time we highlight the rich heritage of the past and the dynamic present of the nation to its countrymen and the world. We are will to do research on anciant Dwarka which is under Aribian Sea.

    We are interested in inviting Dr. S.R. Rao to share his commendale experience and Knowledge on this subject. Let go hand in hand in bring out this fact in front of the world at large. I would be grateful to one who can share D. S. R. Rao’s contact details so that we can reach out to him.

    Thanks in anticipation.

  36. sheena says:

    This is too amazing! i would like to know more…can anyone provide me with Dr. Rao’s email address? I’m going to India next month and would definitely like to try to meet him and learn more!! please advise!! thank you :)
    Jai Sri Krishna!! :)

  37. Nidhi Sinha says:

    Our religion is not based on fiction but truth and the proofs say it all, thanks dr s r rao

  38. Tejaswi says:

    sir i need DR S.R.RAO email id plz
    can you mail me sir
    thank you

  39. venkata ramana says:

    i want to meet dr s.r.rao garu.would u plz give me his contact numb or address or mail id.

    • Purushothama Rao says:

      It was wonderful effort done by Mr. Dr. Rao sir, I really appreciate his discovery of our ancient srikrishna home. When I was seeing the video I overwhelmed. I think The Gujarat Govt. should think about Dr. Rao sir effort and should make a plan to see underwater Dwaraka by every one.

      –Purushothama Rao

  40. Lakshmi Murali says:

    Please kindly give us the Contact details of Mr. Rao, S.R.

  41. Lakshmi Murali says:

    Can I have the Phone Number of Mr. Rao. As a Krishna Devotee, I will be delighted to see him, if he permits.

  42. iklil says:

    it’s really a great job…i studying about ancient jetty found at Bujang Valley, Malaysia. i also read his articles to study about jetty/marine structure. i have few questions in my mind..
    Please give me his email so i can directly ask him about this..

  43. sonu says:

    Great effort ……….i will higly appriciate your effort.


  44. krisna prasath says:

    amazing… i am very proud of having krisna’s name…

  45. deepak says:

    audio download link is not working

  46. yesubabu Pavuluri says:

    Great sir….!

  47. harsha subbarao says:


    None of the links work. no video is available for download. Please do the needful, so that people interested can really get to the bottom of this information.

    Best Regards,

  48. gautam bepariya says:

    i like

  49. Ankit Fender says:

    Amazing I am very proud of fill

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