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Google Translate Gujarati service review, aabhaar googal

Google Translate Gujarati service review, aabhaar googal
By Japan K Pathak
Gandhinagar, 23 June, 2011

Google on Tuesday announced inclusion of five more Indian languages to its translation service (Google Translate) on experimental basis. Our language-of-heart Gujarati is one of these five newly added languages added to Google Translate. The other languages are Bengali , Kannada ,Tamil and Telugu. This service ‘Google Translate) would make it possible to translate one language into another online.

Going into detail, Google translate page ( http://translate.google.com/#gu|en| ) has two main buttons on the top: ‘From’ and ‘To.’ You can select any of the 63 languages supported by Google Translate in either ‘to’ or ‘from’ category or both. Suppose being a Gujarati you select ‘Gujarati’ in ‘from’ and English in ‘To’ section. It means whatever you write in Gujarati in the box below the button will be translated into English just outside the box almost immediately.

On Google Translate page, there’s also a button providing facility to listen the text that has come out in translated form. Turn you compute speaker on and you can listen to it.

Using a double arrow button in blue color, available above the writing box, you can swap ‘from’ into ‘to’ and vice versa. There’s also a provision of ‘Download Google Chrome’ button that would avail you a browser with automatic translation facility of Google Translate.

In initial trial of Google Translate with Gujarati, we found some results funny enough( i.e. we wrote ‘Kem Chhe Googal’ in Gujarati it says in English: Why is Google). You too can enjoy that by trying various Gujarati terms and finding their weird English translations. As this service is in Alpha stage presently, it has its limitations in the area of perfection in translation.

As Google search bar too has added Gujarati language, you can now also search the articles writing directly in Gujarati in the search bar. So now you can search Gujarati dailies that are produced online in Unicode fonts(Gujarat Samachar, Sandesh, Divyabhaskar for example). You just have to select Gujarati as language of preference while searching. Next you need to click a small keyboard presented in one corner of Google search bar. And now you are ready to search in Gujarati.

Other services that are likely to be added after Google Translate enters Beta stage could be Youtube caption translation, mobile phone support, email translation, documents translation among others.

Overall Google Translate Gujarati is good initiative. This is one more Gujarati language related service that has come from outside of Gujarat. So what would we say? “Aabhaar Google”, and Google’s translate service translates it as ‘Thanks to Google.”

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  1. Kartik says:

    Nice service. No doubt that machine translation has its own limit, but this is good start.

  2. kamala says:

    hello how are you i am fine what i have to to translate in gujarati

  3. KENT says:


  4. GujjuPride says:


  5. aryan says:

    many many thanks 4 search gujrati google. sachho aabhaar.gujrati tools give us more & more jankari.>……..<<<>>>>

  6. i m very proud.google thanks.... says:

    I m very proudly.thanyou google

  7. seema says:

    I m very proudly.thanyou google

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