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Full video of Baba Ramdev’s Acharya Kulam function

Ahmedabad, 26 April 2013

Inaugurating the Acharyakulam educational institute of Patanjali Yogapeeth in Haridwar today the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi called upon the people of India to take the country to a position of jagadguru which provides leadership to the world. “We need to resolve for valuing the strength of our own culture”, he said.

Mr Modi was invited to inaugurate the Acharyakulam which is set up based on the ancient gurukul system at the Patanjali Yogapeeth founded by Baba Ramdevji. Distinguished saints and acharyas were present on this occasion.

The Gujarat Chief Minister also had satsang with the saints present in the yogapeeth. Baba Ramdev gave outlines of the activities of various institutions located at the premises of Patanjali Yogapeeth. About 40 distinguished saints who were present on the occasion blessed Mr Modi for providing leadership to India, as it is wished by the people of the country.

Describing sitting at the feet of saints as a great opportunity Mr Modi said that it pains him immensely that he could not go to Kumbh Mela this year. He said that saints and sages have not asked anything from him during his 12 years’ regime in Gujarat. The strength of blessings becomes many-fold more when it is given by such saints, he added.

Mr Modi said that people would have valued the saints like Baba Ramdev far more if he was working in some foreign country. “But it is a misfortune of this country that we have lost the respect for our own culture and for the strengths of our saints”, he said.

“These great people have strength of making our nation a world-leader, as was envisaged by Maharshi Arvind and Swami Vivekananda”, the Chief Minister said. “India has historically led the world whenever it has entered the age of knowledge. The 21st century being the age of knowledge and India being the country with highest youth population, it surely possesses strength to become a world-leader”, he expressed faith.

Recalling that Mrs. Rajbala sacrificed her life when atrocities were unleashed on Baba Ramdev in Delhi Mr Modi warned the Centre that people of India will never bow down before such oppression.

Mentioning the devastating earthquake of Gujarat and how the State was once again put on the track of development within a short span of three years Mr Modi said that he is optimistic about the potential of the 121 crore people of India, as the six crore people of Gujarat has transformed the face of Gujarat through their hard work and earned a repute for the State.

“‘Sarve Santu Niramaya, Sarve Sukhino Bhavantu’ is the mantra of my political life, which comes from Indian culture and depicts a vision for human welfare. This mantra is not for the welfare of Hindus only, it desires for the welfare of entire world”, he said.

Mentioning his election win after 2002 riots Mr Modi said that he publicly gave “abhayam” mantra to the people. “And Gujarat has not seen riots during past 12 years”, he said. “Our ethics are about the welfare of all humanity. Today what is needed is the edification of our cultural values”, he added saying the contribution given by Patanjali Yogapeetha by setting up Acharyakulam institute is a pride of India’s saint tradition.

Mr Modi thanked the saints for blessing him and acknowledging his developmental works.

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