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Morari Bapu on Narendra Modi at Baba Ramdev’s Acharyakulam function(Video)

By our correspondent, New Delhi, 26 April 2013

While almost all the saints were blessing Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi to become the Prime Minister of India, Gujarat based Ram kathakar Shri Morari Bapu in his address at inaugural function of Baba Ramdev’s Acharyakulam stayed away from clearly supporting Modi for PM, but in guarded words he backed the opinions expressed by various saints and wished that nation may awake. Following is the highlight of what Shri Morari Bapu said about Modi:

If I start praising Narendra Modi, it would be seen as groom’s mother praising groom(as both of us are from Gujarat). Entire nation’s voice has been expressed here through the mouths of saints. (About Narendra Modi as Prime Minister)I just want to say that the decision has to be made by nation. And I repeat what I said once, I said our Chief Minister Narendra Modi is ruling the state like he is doing anusthan. And second thing I want to say that there was my Ram katha in Sabarmati Ashram, and he(Modi) was also there and he spoke also. I said there that I am a bava(sadhu), I am capable to leave anything. And he passed remark that he too is bava. The decision has to be made by nation. The nation has to awake. Baba talked about the voice of nation. What I gather after listening to all these saints, acharyas who spoke here is that they all talked about Narendrabhai with respect and showered blessings. My Vyas peeth keeps honest distance, but decision has to be made by the people of India.

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  1. kevin says:

    very well said bapu .

  2. madhukar bhardwaj says:

    Mujhe morari bapu charan paduka dilvado…request for babaramdev

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