“CBI is acting as a private militia of congress in Ishrat case”

New Delhi, 19 June 2013

BJP spokesperson Minakshi Lekhi today addressed a press conference in Delhi and spoke in detail about CBI’s role in Coal scam and Ishrat Jahan case. Following is the full text of her statement:

The Coal Block allocation Scam popularly known as Coalgate is India’s hall of shame has exposed UPA government’s corrupt empire headed by Dr Manmohan Singh. Blocks have been allocated with PM signing on them as coal minister. The CAG estimates a loss of more than 10 Lakh crores to India. His actions in this matter not only caused heavy losses directly wherein Coal had to be imported but also derailed our economy to a lowest point our power plants went without coal for years together.

The recent action of ex-law minister Ashwini kumar to alter the report in order to protect Manmohan Singh’s culpability is too very well known. The CBI being a caged parrot of congress party it seems is finally acting fast at the behest of Supreme Court, however more needs to be done. Questioning of the PMO officials on this matter is merely the first step, we will hope that the CBI questionnaire is honest and bring out the truths.

It is such an irony that the same CBI which reports to the PM is now directly investigating the PMO on the actions of the PM who is still in the office. To facilitate a free and fair investigation Dr Manmohan Singh must step aside. It will be in the interest of the nation that truth on this matter must come out expeditiously. It is to be investigated whether PM acted of his own or was part of a larger conspiracy and was only complying with his role. The then Coal Secretary H.C. Gupta’s role is suspect. As neither the mandatory procedure was followed and nor the back ground checks were performed, before allocating the Coal blocks to the companies. Only after the interrogation of the tainted PM the details of the conspiracy will be unraveled.

The PMO recently prevented an RTI application about Robert Vadra case. BJP wants to know why the PM is protecting Vadra. What is his personal interest?

Ishrat Jahan case

CBI is acting as a private militia of congress party in so far as the Ishrat Jahan case is concerned. The whole case is a political conspiracy to discredit the anti terror machinery of central and state government. The High court in its recent verdict has questioned CBI’s Timing of the Chargesheet that “why was the delay”. It proves political conspiracy.

Congress sponsored Human rights activists claim that even if they were terrorists, do they need to be killed? That is not true; these terrorists had engaged with the police in a gun battle and got killed.

IB is an arm of the central government not state government therefore Gujarat Government has nothing to do with it. All intelligence inputs are vetted by IB head quarters before passing over to the state for action. Therefore the concerned IB officer cannot be blamed and hounded in the manner he is being subjected now.

The CBI Investigation Officer of this case is actually a Maharashtra state officer Mr. Satish Verma, his past credentials are doubtful, who had a previous score to settle with then joint director IB.

The Ministry of Home affairs had in an affidavit claimed that Ishrat was a LeT terrorist, which got collaborated by David Headly’s statement and the posting on LeT website that she is a martyr. We want to know what motivated the MHA to change its own statement. There should be investigation as to how with the change of ministers the affidavit of the central govt has been changed. This case is similar to the coal scam where govt interfered and changed the affidavit.

Every IB report which is wrong has never lead to any conspiracy or prosecution in the past, then why is it that this case is handpicked.

Congress states thrive only on fake encounters. They think the whole world is like them, that’s why they are targeting Gujarat government.

BJP stands for the impartial and efficient functioning of the security agencies. Congress party attempt to attack opponents by abusing the CBI is very unfortunate. We should not allow congress to subvert institutions. It is time to even protect the Hangman who punished Ajmal Kasab, who knows congress may include his name in a new Chargesheet as conspirator who killed Kasab, cause terrorist lives are important for this government.

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