Cyclone Biporjoy landfall process begins, shall complete by midnight: IMD

Kutch: The landfall process of Cyclone Biporjoy has commenced and is expected to be fully complete by midnight, according to the latest update from the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD). This period leading up to midnight is considered the most dangerous as the cyclone’s impact is at its strongest during this time.

The landfall process is taking longer time because the eye of a cyclone is large, measuring approximately 50 kilometers in diameter. With a progression speed of eye of 12 to 15 kilometers per hour towards the coast, it is estimated that it may take around 4 hours to complete the entire landfall process, said the official statement from IMD.

IMD’s DGM said that the system around the eye of the cyclone makes maximum damage. The area under the eye on the contrary would feel relief from heavy rain and strong wind for a while, but as soon as the eye would pass through from the location, the area would again experience strong wind and heavy rain. While before the eye passes, the wind would be from East to West side, the same wind after the eye passes would flow from West to East side, and therefore the trees or houses that suffered partial damage due to East-West strong winds would then suffer West-East strong winds and this would cause damage to those houses or trees or power poles.

Fortunately, the area post-Jakhau on the Eastern side, where the eye of the cyclone is likely to pass, is not densely populated. It’s the area with the least population across Gujarat. There’s then the Rann of Kutch before the start of Pakistan across the international border.