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How Sardar Patel did not become first PM of India?(Video)

One of the most unfortunate moments of India

It was a meeting in Delhi to decide new president of Congress and Gandhiji said that whoever would be a new congress president will take an oath as a first prime minister of India. Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel and other Congress leader were present in this crucial meeting.

Gandhiji declared in this meeting that out of 15, 12 regional Congress committees had suggested Sardar patel’s name as a president (and thus as the first prime minister of India) and only one had suggested Shri Krupalaniji’s name who took his name back in favor of Jawaharlal Nehru. So Gandhiji said that now there were two candidates Jawaharlal Nehru and Sardar Patel.

Gandhi asked Jawaharlal ‘Jawahar none of the regional committees has suggested your name and only working committee has suggested your name, what do you think?’ Jawaharlal Nehru wanted to become prime minister so he did not answer this question and just kept looking at the floor. Gandhiji immediately understood what Jawaharlal’s wish was. Gandhiji wrote a note on a paper and gave it to Sardar Patel who was siting just next to him. Sardar read that note and imidietly took his name back.

Thus Jawaharlal Nehru became first prime minister of India instead of deserving Shri Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. This was major major injustice to Gujarat and India. Jawaharlal gave us Kashmir problem, China war, wrong socialist development model and his daughter, daughter’s son, his wife and her children to rule India.

Watch this in the video above. Video is taken from a Ketan Mehta directed and Paresh Rawal acted movie Sardar. Every Gujarati must have film ‘Sardar’ c.d.

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  1. Sneha says:

    Narendra Modi – the political heir of Sardar Patel



    Had Sardar Patel been the Prime Minister of India instead of Nehru, the stature of India would have been different today. We missed the first Sardar. Let us not miss the second one. It is the duty of Gujarathis to make Narendra Modi invincible today, so that the entire country can rally behind him in the coming days, and make him the future hope for India.


      there are always two side of person and for tht u must need to knw who was SARDAR and who is n.d.modi…then ur statement will definatly changed…read the book sardar patel by rajmohan gandhi to knw who was sardar………he was not hipocrate,ambitious and proudy…

    • DRB. AUGUSTINE, Tamil Nadu says:

      You are mistaken. Modi is not the second Sardar Patel. He is the second Nehru. You have missed the second Sardar Patel in 1979. After independence India had the golden Opportunity to get away from Nehru missrule. The sole political heir of Sardar Patel was Morarji Desai. We saw his Golden administration. A Corruption free administration. The true lover of his fello citizen. But no Indian honoured him. Most of the indians joined hands with indira gandi to pull down the Strong Man of India. At that time nobody including the socalled Great Gujaratis never think about the second Iron Man of India and the First Able Prime Minister of India. Morarji Desai kept Russia and the US in equal distance, made friendly ties with Pakistan, kept a compct caninet of ministers,made another strong man of Gujarath, H.M. Patel as Finance Minister, led a simple life,never treated anybody including himself above law,travelled in Scheduled flights, made the whole india one food zone and many more. Indira gandi created bindaranwale to make trouble for Mr. Desai and paid the price finally. Now no Indian remembers his birth date, even the Gujarathis. The mighty Gujarath, which gave us the two iron men of India, namely Sardar Patel and Morarji Desai to us, now boosting Modi as Patel. This shows that the present day Gujarathi peole doesn’t know about the two giants of Indian politics. So finally Nehru who defeated Sardar Patel in anunfair contest comming with a mosk of Modi that too from the lovable Gujarath.

  2. Mayank says:


    I like Modi and I honor Sardar Patel

    but comparison between two is impossible

    Modi is finally a politician and he has bundle of weaknesses

    while in the case of Sardar Patel, he is incomparable, he was much more than khursi seeking just another politician

  3. Ashwin Gokhale says:

    The problem is that our people understand the value of a person after he is dead.

    People who dont like Modi will hopefully understand his incomparibity after he is dead.

  4. Ck Gandhi says:

    I am agree that we can’t compare Modi and Sardar now. After Modi’s full life, I mean his death only we can compare two personalities who appeared on the stage of this nation at two different times.

  5. Sneha says:

    Mayank, I appreciate your views and second it.

    However, it depends on which prism you look through. For instance, Dhirubhai Ambani is believed to have twisted several loopholes in our system to further his business interest. But you have to admire the vision of this man who wanted to move much faster than the system but the system wouldnot allow. He had very little options in face of draconian license raj, and MRTPC acts. But through his ingenuity he has directly or indirectly give livelihood to millions and continues to inspire millions.

    When people compare Dhirubhai and Narayan Murthy, I feel there is not much comparison. Probably, any other person in Dhirubhai’s place would have given up but IT companies never faced government intervention, rather they got government sops in terms of tax reliefs.

    Pls read above vis-a-vis Narendra Modi, even though it is too early and unfair to compare him with Sardar Patel, but he has carved a niche for himself.

  6. There are two greatest of the great personalities in the world to compare, when it comes to the personal potential, capacity and the vision of creating the nation, when it is to it’s lowest.

    Those great personalities are, Mr.Bismark of the great Germany and the only other then him was the great Bismark of India, Sardar Patel.(comparitive study would let you know that Sardar did four more effective job than Bismark to creat their nations.) (So simply, if Sardar would have been the first prime minister of the free India, India would have been four times ahead of what Germany is today.)

    I personally think that the great personalities of India, whose name could be used insted; to represent real patriotism, like Sardar Patel, Vir Savarkar, Bal gangadhar tilak, Bose, etc. But nation failed to digest the glory and privialge of having that kind of leaders in India. And the further badluck of the country was that, the first political party who ruled India, literally murdered those great leaders(after their death!!) with the fear of them turning out to be martyus.(Its wery High level of thinking friends)

    And my observations of Mr.Modi’s personality, as the leader of the democracy suggests that; he might not be the great Sardar, but is not less than Sardar too friends. He is having many reflexes of Sardar’s personality. This is not just in the context of the economical achivements of Mr.Modi. (I welcome criticism, and I am ready for the debate also.)

    Human being is not the creature, expected of repeating its mistake for the third time continously. We missed the great Bose’s movement, free India’s chance to get first prime minister like Sardar but now we could not efford loosing Modi.

    Sometimes, something is unevitable to do when it comes to the governence. History might pruve it as the wise act in future. So it is not good to analyse a person from only one point of view everytime.

    Modi tum age badho, (auro ka pata nahi….magar) mai tumhare sath hu.(our frequencies matches)

    • shekhar arneja says:

      The Real Culprit of Hindustand is Gandhi…Who Made Nehru (His Chamcha) the PM….Ganghi & Nehru are responsible for Murder of Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad,Subhashchand Bose..So Many True Leaders we lost ….Today We even dont know their Birth or Expire Day…

      • Trupti says:

        Gandhi’s thought were different… His thoughts we cannot understand..

        Nehru was as much important for India that time, as, Sardar was. He knew that Jawarlal would not stand on the side of Sardar even for INDIA if Sardar would become the PM, and, he also knew that Sardar would stand on the side of Nehru, whatsoever the case may be for INDIA..

  7. Mayank says:

    Dear Sneha and Umesh Patel

    I am amazed to see more and more like minded people like you in the comment sections of this site. Actually leftist and pro-Muslim pro-Christian dominated Indian English so called secular media has continuously projected the things completely different than what I believe or what you believe. They have bombarded every body’s minds and they are still doing it. It is amazing that I, you and most of the Gujarati people can think independently the right things even after this media bombarding from all the directions, on every button of remote control and on every newspaper’s page.

  8. BHAVESH PATEL says:


    On 14th November each year, we celebrate Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday. We think (as we are taught in school) he was a simple and cheerful leader, a person who had a childlike nature, a great politician.
    But what is the unknown side of our first Prime Minister? An Addict or an Entertainer or a Hindu merely by accident (in his own words) ?

    Nehru gave birth to the problem of Kashmir & China.
    Nehru had illegal relationships.
    Nehru hated ‘Vande Mataram’.
    Nehru was ready with a sword to oppose Subhash Chandra Bose !
    Time to think and face the reality….

    Highlights of true but ‘covered’ history of Nehru



  9. JAYESH PATEL says:

    Then why this plain truth is hide by this congress and leave poor Indians in suffering?
    Because of only Nehru family this great Nation is still suffering.
    We need another “SARDAR PATEL”
    Shri NARENDRA MODIJEE have all vertues to be a IRON MAN OF INDIA!!



  10. i am india now cme here in uk and
    realise whats our country or here
    i mean every country have good or bad quality ihave to see here ,here lesder never put blame on other comparial leader but we dt reform our politician system so we cant find good leader likesardar narendramodi
    both have diffrent situaion or diffrent problem ,sardar who had vision to combine country or united the nation whereas modi has himself find his diffrent way for development of gujarat or india
    becoz of this situation the people make them great and their devotation also make them great

  11. ajay desai says:

    i do not understand why people of Gujarat keep on thinking about past. We should learn from history. Thinking about past is waste of time and it will divert the concentration of what needs to be done in present. There is no guarantee if Sardar Patel was PM, India would be better shape. Any country is successful if people think of country. We think about ourselves.

  12. very honestly long time ago i,was bhakta of nehru,indiraji, and congress.of course at that time congress had very
    charismatic leader.capable ,clever,etc.but then ,they became power hungry.indiraji was at her best until 1971.
    until bangladesh creation.after that for power she stabbed in the back of real congress,and congressi.she
    became the responcible to split that great institution.she throw away nice leaders,good people of the party.
    she took the support of leftist.and that decession became the beginer of her blck era.nationalisation,
    dynasty,puppet game,gundas and worst is corruption from bottom to top.that corruption became the malignancy
    of indian life. after that any dam goverment came either in central or state,corrupt.coupples individual clean
    is an exxcception.i,know also rss people when they were not in power ,they talked and behaved like they are
    the cleanest but when they got power ,prooved them selves one of the most corrupt.i,think all of you know that.
    sardar,shastriji,and many ,many others they wrere gems in indian politics.to-day in indian politics,ironwill,
    very clean,always thinking for his state people and country,very dynamic,one of the best orater,educated,
    and with so many virtu ,i,can say very confidently that is only narendra ,modiji.i,am
    glad that still country has some left over gems.think how rubbish congress and others like lallu,mulayam,amarsing,mayavati.etc.god please give long,healthy,dynamic political and public life to m odiji.
    god bless my india,gujarat and people.

  13. raj says:

    i don’t know why Gandhi ji did this? Is there any explanation that supporters from the 12 regional congress committees sought? I wish Sardar Patel ji was our first PM.

  14. suren patel says:

    nehru’s grandfather was Muslim, a nobleman at the Mughal Court in Delhi who assumed a name gangadhar Nehru(who abides at the bank of canal-Nehr) to avoid the Britisah army after the capture of last Moghal king. His son was Motilal who worked for a lawyer MNubarak Ali who again had an illicit affair with Motilal’s wife producing a child Now known as Jawaharlal. He was Muslim given a Hindu Name. Nehruhad an affair with the son of Mubarak Ali, namely Mansur Ali, resulting in Indira Gandhi. Indira had an illicit affair with one Yunis resulting in a son Sanjiv, later name changed to Sanjay Gandhi after caught stealing a car in England. Now you see the hotch potch mess of this family and no doubt Jawaharlal, who spent his years till eleven at a mujra house in Allahbad, looking dejected when 13 members elected Sardar as India’s first PM

  15. suren patel says:

    nehru’s grandfather was Muslim, a nobleman at the Mughal Court in Delhi who assumed a name gangadhar Nehru(who abides at the bank of canal-Nehr) to avoid the Britisah army after the capture of last Moghal king. His son was Motilal who worked for a lawyer MNubarak Ali who again had an illicit affair with Motilal’s wife producing a child Now known as Jawaharlal. He was Muslim given a Hindu Name. Nehru’s wife had an affair with the son of Mubarak Ali, namely Mansur Ali, resulting in Indira Gandhi. Indira had an illicit affair with one Yunis resulting in a son Sanjiv, later name changed to Sanjay Gandhi after caught stealing a car in England. Now you see the hotch potch mess of this family and no doubt Jawaharlal, who spent his years till eleven at a mujra house in Allahbad, looking dejected when 13 members elected Sardar as India’s first PM

  16. yogesh parmar says:

    Dear Mayank,

    All gujaratis are agree with you and unhappy to read that instead of support of all reajional commitees nehru was promoted as pm a great poloticle mistake by gandhiji and politicians of that time.

  17. sudhir says:

    Gandhi and Nehru were disaster for this country

  18. Bharat Patel, Surti says:

    Well, to my understanding Sardar is mainly remembered in Gujarat and he is in heart of gujaratis. And more likely, our future generation will not know much about Sardar Patel.

    If we do not speak about history then it is not history. History can made when people talk about it generation after generations.

    I watched some of our great golden age patriotic movies including Purab or Paschim, and to my surprise, I couldn’t find name or picture of Sardar.

    We do not need great party…what we need is great fearless Leader. and so far, Mr. Modi, despite of all contraversies, opposition within party, has emerged as a fearless leader, who has become stronger and stronger, election after elections.

  19. Neo says:

    But what was written in the note given by gandhi to sardar???

  20. Subha-Chintakekar says:

    I read in one book that Jawahar literally cried before Gandhiji and begged for Presidency. And Gandhiji who seems couldn’t see big picture and had soft-corner with Neharu agreed. He then asked the Great Sardar to step back and act as a advisory. Gandhiji said let Neharu run the Government and of course Sardar is there to guide or advice. What can we say more great for Sardar who could let go worldly power so easily. Our Sanskriti salute such person with a “Maharshi” title.

  21. Balwant says:

    Actually I gone through some of the History books and came to know that Nehru was the actual culprit who decided to break the congress if he is not gona be Prime Minister and thus indicated to Bapu that if Sardar Patel becomes Prime Minister British won’t leave the country as Congress will be divided. So Bapu requested Sardar Patel to take his name back for Prime Minister’s candidature to save the Congress..

  22. Ankur says:

    Let us throw these Nehru’s family.

  23. ajay says:

    Why only Gujarati should have this CD every indian who loves country should have this CD and should be proud to have a jem like SARDAR.
    I dont understand why SARDAR PATEL withdrew his candidature.
    Why Prithiviraj Chouhan (kind) forgive shabuddin 16 times

  24. Naughty-Jatt (PUNJAB) says:

    yeh karmchand mohan dass gandhi and this jawahar lal nehru are self claimed bapu and chacha of the nation ek saaal bapu ban gaya is desh ka aur dusra ban gaya chacha…jab ki dono hi mha ghatia log they yeh dono.

  25. Manoj says:

    I know Sardar was great but Gandhi made Nehru PM, I am not sure I believe this story. There is no evidence except this reenactment. Please provide documented evidence of this claim except movies. I agree Nehru screwed up the country big time. But we would not have got independence without Gandhi.



      wt rubish…. do u think mr.gandhi has given us indipendence……in our indipandance 70% contribution is of mr.hitlar………and for the mater of u want documantary evidence kindly read sardar patel by rajmohan gandhi for more clarity and evidence

  26. Sakshi Agarwal says:

    Gandhiji had a soft corner for Nehru. WHY??

    After being elected as the PM he just neglected Gandhiji.
    Nehruji ,our first PM, was having an affair with Edwina Mountbatten, and watever Edwina used to say , Nehru used to follow. he’s also responsible for pakistan division

    Means someone loves and the whole country suffers……

  27. tushar says:

    india needs a capable prime minister………..wheter it will be modi or any other.
    But,a chance reveals deeds.modi must get a chance to prove his words.

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