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Jana gana mana: Download India’s National Anthem(Mp3)

Jan Gan Man Adhinayak Jay hai
Bharat Bhagy Vidhata
Punjab Sindh Gujarat Maraathaa
Draavid Utkal Bangaa
Vindhy Himaachal Yamunaa Gangaa
Uchhal Jaladhi Tarangaa
Tav Shubh naame jaage
Tav Shubh Aashish maange
Gaaye tav jay Gaathaa
Jan Man mangal daayak Jay hai
Bhaarat Bhaagy Vidhaataa
Jay hai
Jay hai
Jay hai
Jay Jay Jay Jay Hai

( If You Can Not Download Using Left Click Then In That Case Please Right Click Over This Link & Select ‘Save Target As’)

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  1. BHAVESH PATEL says:

    HINDU-RASTRA (RAM RAJYA)…..fakta ane fakta aa chhe maa ambaa ni ichchha….

  2. Yesha Patel says:

    Hi everybody.
    WE are so proud to be an Indian. Eventhough you are in outside of India please sing our National Anthem on 15 August and 26 th January.
    Give respect to our country.

    This site very nice you can you this video too.

  3. Jayesh says:

    Awesome site ! keep up the good work :D

  4. jayesh g bhatt says:

    Hi Reader
    I am so poud to be an Indian.
    Give Respect to our country.

    • SHINOY PHILIP says:

      i’m so proud of being an indian,,,its culture,its love,family relationship,may my nxt birth also be in my india,, to all my readers,,pray for india

  5. jayesh g bhatt says:

    Hi Reader
    I am so proud to be an Indian.
    Give Respect to our country.

  6. Amitesh says:

    fantastic & great

  7. Aseem says:

    Its a beautiful site which consists of many patriotic things which make us a proud indian… I m proud 2 b an indian nd have such a beautiful site…!

  8. kamal siddu says:

    i am very proud to be an indian…..its awesome…….

  9. AkshayaRajSharma says:

    I’ve proud to be an Indian.My country is the land of humanity.

  10. Yogita gore says:

    Namaste…salam..i m vry proud on my india bcz here only u get thounsnds of people of diffrnt religion ..caste..states..the diffrent ppl living under 1 roof of india with lots of love with each other…i love my indiaaaaaaaa….proud to b an indiannn

  11. emmanuel quartey says:

    am not Indian but i love everything about Indian especially their music people Sharuhk Khan and Amitabh Bechan

  12. Manjunath patted says:

    I am very proud to indian jai hind jai bharat matha subhashchandr bos ki jai ho

  13. Kiran Kumara says:

    Vandematharam friends,

    I am proud to be indian, i even teach my son to say VANDEMATHARAM insted of Namaste or good morning..

    well you should respect your country not only on august 15 and january 26 but also in all days all hours and all seconds..

    as a citizen of India its not only ur right but also your duty

    Jai Hind

  14. Sandeep says:

    Proud to be an Indian

  15. Anonymous says:

    increadible india proud to be an indian

  16. vinoth kannan says:

    india is our country I proud my self because i’m in indian…………..

  17. GirishM says:

    Great i love INDIA

  18. sp singh Jadon says:

    Bharat mata ki crore bar jay ghosh pure viswa me hoo

  19. Anonymous says:

    In this world there is no country which contain diff languages&culture,The people proudly say in sigle voice “WE ARE INDIANS”
    We don’t need a single day to remember our india.
    Be proud to be an Indian…

  20. Thukkaram vannela says:

    All indians are sing a jana gana mana every day

  21. Anonymous says:

    I love an encredible INDIA

  22. samarnaqvi says:

    i love my india

  23. AZHAR says:

    i love my mother india iam proud of my country

  24. Dev says:



  25. smitha raghavendra says:

    sare jaha se accha hindusthan hamara i am proud to be born in this country . Friends we are the best of all if u r outside india also pls do not forget our mother land JAI HIND

  26. Renata Jairam says:

    Even though I live in SA I still love India and being an Indian!!!!

  27. Samir das says:

    I am a indian and i proud i am indian.jay hind.

  28. Pankaj Chauhan says:

    sare jaha se accha hindusthan hamara, hum bulbule hai iske ye gulsita humara. i love my country so much. I am proud to be an Indian. My country is the land of humanity

  29. abhishek kumar says:

    hi! my frinds i am very proud of being an indian.
    in future if i will have to sacrify my life then i will sacrify

  30. Ankur malik says:

    It”s very…2′ gd

  31. Ashraful Sabbi says:

    this is the best song in the world,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  32. vivek singh tomar. says:

    hii friend.we have a proud to be an indian and waiting a chance to sacrifice our life for our nation.jai hind.

  33. Anil dahal says:

    i reaĺy lkye dis song n i m proud of ma country

  34. arun prabhakar says:

    i feel very proud to be an Indian i love India jaihind.

  35. sulthan kadhar vali says:

    I love my country and I proud of my country

  36. SHUBHAM RAJ says:


  37. aditya solanki says:

    i love my india, and i am proud of our country

  38. Abhishek kumar says:

    I like our country and our country songs

  39. khizar salman says:




  40. anshul jain says:

    Happy republic day India,
    I am very proud on my India bcoz here several people live together with lots of love.


  41. Dipenthaosen says:

    I like national song

  42. Dipenthaosen says:

    I love india i love my india country.


    as m an indian i love my country india.we all people should feel proud of our country india. “BE GOOD AND MAKE OTHERS GOOD”. EVERYONE IN OUR COUNTRY SHOULD REMEMBER 5 THINGS “DISCIPLINE HONESTY DETERMINATION DEDICATION DEVOTION”

  44. Shankar Murmu says:

    I Love My India Our Cuntre And Love Our National Anthem World Best Anthem……………. “Johar ge”

  45. sagar patel says:

    I am a Indian and i am proud to be an Indian….JAI HIND…

  46. Raja says:

    I love my india. Mera bhaarat mahaan. Naa bhaarathadesam goppadi.

  47. Swati arya says:

    I am proud to be an indian….. Jai Hind Jai Bharat

  48. Subbanarasareddy.mallu says:

    Iam proud tobe india birth

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