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Bombay Land Revenue act to be replaced by a new law in Gujarat

Bombay Land Revenue act to be replaced by a new law in Gujarat
By our correspondent
Gandhinagar, DeshGujarat, 24 May, 2009

Gujarat’s district collectors met recently in Gandhinagar’s GERC building to discuss modules of proposed Gujarat Land Administration Act 2009.

The new act would replace existing Bombay Land Revenue Act in the state.

The Bombay Land Revenue Act was formed during British rule in year 1879. The Gujarat Government intends to replace it with a new relevant and modern law.

A senior government official said, “We are in procedure to form a new law that would replace existing Bombay Land Revenue Act, which was formed in 1879. We are taking in to consideration the future developmental aspects of Gujarat in this process. The new law would be named Gujarat Land Administration Law, 2009. We will submit our conclusions to the Gujarat Government in July, before session of Gujarat assembly.”

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  1. Dhruv says:

    Message to the Gujarat bureaucrats … you are privileged to be working in India’s prayogshala…. You are working in the dream team of Modi… please give your best…

    India makes or breaks depends on your hard work and dedication.

  2. uttam says:


  3. milind chokshi says:

    For a normal citizen, this is a news that is very vague. Is it possible to highlight the difference among various and important rules? Probablly, some examples would be a good source of information.

  4. Hari says:

    Just because something is old, doesn’t mean it is bad (see ram rajya, the oldest democracy).
    Just because something is new, doesn’t mean it has to be good (FBI detaining Rahul Gandhi at Boston Airport carrying 200000$ cash).

  5. Please simplify the existing land revenue code. Here the farmers and innocent people have to suffer a lot as bureaucracy of our state misinterprets the law just to harass the people for their personal gain. Land Revenue process is such that an honest person has to offer bribe for regular routine work to be done. Or otherwise that regular work can be delayed like anything. In Gujarat corruption in land revenue department is such that everybody has to offer a bribe on every stage to get the regular work done speedily.Please rectify this situation by carrying out survey in the good interest of the people of Gujarat.

  6. URMIT says:

    All laws are as good as how they are policed and reinforced. There is one thing for sure that with any new law in gujarat most people will not know the difference and government departments will be the first one to harass people and force them to give bribe.I think same time think about anti corruption steps as well-I see corruption is the biggest problem in India, no one got any sort of gurantee of their investments whether be it Land of anything else.

  7. manish chheda says:

    Does any one know the laws issued on 1970 -1972 for kutch gujarat.
    from my information the resolution no. is 5670/Z.
    If any know pls know me trhe site address.

    • jagdish d vyas says:

      gujrat land revanue act-1972,detai of section 108(6) rivisin,if non agriculturist purchase land with agricuturist partnership with sepret part of land indicate in one sale deed. what happen in this condion.

  8. Narendra. says:

    Under the Bombay land act & tenancy act are being most of misuse by land Mafia against bona- fide land owner.in this respect firstly to stop execution of tenancy act then to revise the previous tenancy cases reopen.Concern authority sincerely reopen such case & justified the concern land owner originally.

  9. jaymin says:

    hi friends … now i want to know which book is best for land revenu including all parts of land like N.A. ETC so pls give me the name of book and where is available with latest edition… so pls reply in huryy

  10. suresh g vasava says:

    please provide me a provision regarding sec 73aa of land revenue code

  11. Ramesh says:

    PARAGANA AND KULKARNI ACT 1950 (પરગણા એન્ડ કુલકર્ણી એકટ ૧૯૫૦)

    બિન સાકરીયાત કુલકર્ણી વતન ઈનામ નાબૂદી ધારો ૧૯૫૦ થી ૧૯૬૦

    information of above act i want the details

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