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Ahmedabad’s Parsoli Motors gifts Salman Khan a BMW X6 car

Ahmedabad’s Parsoli Motors gifts Salman Khan a BMW X6 car
By our correspondent
Ahmedabad, DeshGujarat, 5 October, 2009

Ahmedabad based BMW car dealer Parsoli Motors today gifted Rs 79 lakh BMW X6 Activity Coupe(Xdrive30d) car to bollywood film star Salman Khan.

Salman accompanied by his younger brother Sohail Khan and bodyguard Shera received the keys of the car at BMW showroom on SG highway in Ahmedabad.

Due to chaotic crowd, media persons could not interact with Salman Khan.

While receiving the keys, Salman in his address said “I have been gifting the things to others, but it feels nice that now I am receiving the gifts from others. I like X6 very much and this gift has been a surprise for me. My papa and Mr. Sareshwala are friends and they go on morning walk together in Mumbai.”

About uncontrollable crowd in a small portion of show-room, Salman said, “Nowadays it happens that you people keep me away from you.”

Zafar Sareshwala of Parsoli Motors said, “We are gifting this car to Salman for being a nice human.”

Salman was to give a ride to underprivileged children in his new car, but due to chaotic crowd, this event was canceled. Salman was scheduled to take lunch at Parsoli Motors but he could not and the lunch items were sent back. Salman left the showroom before time due to chaos. Parsoli motors was to hand over keys of new BMW cars to five customers through Salman but this also could not happen.

Salman had brought an abstract painting painted by him from Mumbai with him. This painting was auctioned and one of the BMW customer brought it at a cost of Rs. 10,000. This sum will go to charity according to Talha Sareshwala, owner of Parsoli Motors.

Salman’s BMW X6 Activity Coupe will be delivered to Mumbai in a trailer truck from Ahmedabad soon.

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  1. vikram says:

    I wish Parsoli motors had gifted 79 lakhs to TERI campaign..light a billion lives campaign. This would have brought light to 26 villages [5200 families]!!!
    Salman has so much of money….does he need a BMW gift… I wish Salman donates the same amount to the TERI campaign ….so that NDTV stops singing praises of Shah Rukh donating a measly 15 lakhs [that too not from his pocket, but from the production of Billoo Barber] to NDTV greenathon campaign..!!

    • sameer mehta says:

      Excuse me! Salman bhai donates more than anyone of his colleagues &if we dont encourage such kind gestures via our praises& gifts people who donate won’t get anything & wont continue with such charitable work

  2. Baba says:

    Long Live Parsoli Motors. Long Live Salman Khan, Long Live Being Human!

  3. rohit jain says:


  4. I think gifts are to show our feeling,Love and expression and that a person can only gain by good human being…we all know Salman has golden heart and by this gift Parsoli has proven to be better….

  5. Inquilab says:

    Looks like people forget that many people have died under the Salman’s driving and yet they show no remorse for those who lost their lives and forgotten.
    People need to think beyond bodies and glamor, otherwise they would continue to get fooled.

  6. Khadduddin says:

    This is stunt to promote Salman’s next film. Parsolis are muslims and Salman too. They promote each other.

  7. Inquilab says:

    This is Muslim Muslim brotherhood at display. While brotherhood in general is a good concept and a welcome step, but please stop being fools, because when convicted criminals start becoming brothers it is called as mafia, it is a cause for worry.

  8. fagun says:

    salman is universe star of bollywood @ icall him superstar SALMAN KHAN iam happy that somebody gigt salman khan…..

  9. Malik Ul Mort says:

    Just another stunt to keep the Sareshwala brothers who have stolen peoples money from around the world many NRIs in UK. Look at Sebi website they have bee banned from New business in their stockbroking business. Also they brothers and father hav freezing order against them just a matter of time before Malik Ul Mort catches up with them.
    Poor Salman dosent even know how big a play he has been used in.
    Even the German Partners hae resigned from the Stock Broking company

  10. Saif lucky says:

    This is not a gift, i think this is feeling of all fans, jise parsoli motor ne show kiya hai

  11. Defrauded NRI says:

    What is so noble about stealing and defrauding investors and then using the stolen money to gift to egoistical bollywood types? PR stunt? Desperate last bid for fame? Why is the Indian public so easily taken in by glitz and glam?

    Zafraud and his fraudulent brothers are long overdue a long spell in jail. Look up the SEBI rulings against these Parsoli brothers. The german investor has dumped them.

  12. Parsoli420 says:


    Wake up Salman Khan! Your new “best friends” are FRAUDSTERS and THIEVES.

  13. BatleyBoy says:

    So this is what this lying cheating Zafar Sareshwala does with the money he stole from us Gujjis in England!!

    A thousand curses on him and his brothers.

  14. foruu says:

    Ohhh Good Friedship With Mr. Zafar Sareshwala…….. 420 Tries To Mr. Zafar On new Height. My Dear Why u not Think What’s Happen In Here After. I think Mr. Sareshwala Cheated 1000 Of People But may be 10000 People Get Benefit From Them. And why u Harm Ur hereafter Life. Let Think ur life… If ur Creator Open UR Data Here and HereAfter What Happen…… Why u not Dare…… Do u Belive In ISLAM ??? Please Say NO then i will Leave u.

  15. hamza says:

    Foruu, with respect. You are misguided. You seem to be taking a position against the Oppressed (Parsoli420 and others) in favour of the Oppressor (Zafar Sareshwala) If Zafar had defrauded you and used the proceeds to give lavish gifts to other you may not be so forgiving of Mr Zafar. I pray you all find peace and everyone receives due justice/compensation.

    By the way, 79 Lakhs for such an ugly car is really obscene.

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