Asit Vora,a Mayor who’s singer by heart,and tough person by nature

Asit Vora,a Mayor who’s by heart a singer,and by nature a tough person
Ahmedabad, 31 October, 2010

Asit Vora, new Mayor of Ahmedabad city is Arvind Mill employee and local BJP politician. However in entertainment circles of the city he is more known as singer who passionately sings bollywood’s vintage songs.

Vora, a Science graduate Brahmin elected from Maninagar ward of Ahmedabad for last 23 years mostly prefers to sing late bollywood singer Mukesh’s songs. When he gives stage programme, he chooses sad songs of Mukesh to sing.

Vora has Christian wife, who is known in the area for her kind and charitable nature. Asit Vora’s daughter Halak is also a singer, and both papa and daughter sometimes give joint performance on stage.

Straight forward Vora is known as tough person, who would not mix with someone easily.

Vora is not very popular among local reporters. One of the reporters who regularly covers civic affairs said, “As Vora is new Mayor here, we have now Modi in Municipality. Vora behaves like Modi with reporters. He is tough most of the time, rough occasionally and arrogant too sometime.” Not only reporters, but many local politicians and party workers in Maninagar have similar experience.

Last year, one newspaper started campaign against Vora and published several irregularities and instances of alleged corruption under the nose of Vora as Standing Committee Chairman. However people close to Vora unofficially told that the alleged irregularities in awarding contracts, and excess spending was for the party, and not personal.

Vora is known as straight forward politician otherwise. Looking at his seniority, he could be party’s choice for Mayor’s post some years back too. In last term when Amit Shah became Ahmedabad Mayor, Vora’s name was also prominently in race. Five years after, Vora is chosen as Mayor now.

Vora is techno savvy. People close to him say, he would reply each and every email personally within reasonable time. He keeps all needy data in his computer.

If you have complain about discontinued bus route in your area, and you visit Asit Vora for that, he would reply you with data of daily passengers, and logically convince you that operating bus in your route is not viable. If you go and complain him about gutter line blockage, he would take some time and get back to you to say that because you deposited lot of plastic waste in gutter, the line chalked up. He would also say, that if you continue to deposit plastic in gutter like this, next time he would not spare time to solve such problem.