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In pictures:Narendra Modi continues to get huge support of people during his yatra

Ahmedabad, 9 October 2012

There is no doubt that Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s Vivekananda Yatra has received amazing response across the state. Look at these pictures taken during last 24 hours. A public meeting on Monday evening, was one more successful one in the series, with presence of human sea. Everyone was trying to witness every action of Narendra Modi. The day-light photos are taken today during Shri Modi’s yatra in north Gujarat. The one month long yatra will conclude at Pavagadh in central Gujarat on Thursday. There’s no doubt that the goal of the yatra is achieved. Shri Modi has successfully showcased a wave in his favor once again, making year long efforts of rival Congress tiny.


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  1. Goldi says:

    good.. i hope they also vote for him…

  2. vikram says:

    He would get the same response in any state or city of India he went rallying and addressing people!!

  3. R. Viswam says:

    Impressive indeed. But anymore impressive than Sonia’s Rajkot rally ?

  4. db says:

    nice picutre. hope this time gujarat people will teach a solid lesson to congres so rest of india can see and also follow same way.

    this election is vary important not for gujarat but for good future of india.

    hope people will this time go for vote and make the part of history. hisotry will remember present gujarati people for ever.

  5. Dharmesh.k.patel says:

    Thanks for
    detail picture

    But last week
    in sonias rally
    there were human-sea…too

    but big differance
    of mofiji’s rally and sonia-gori-mam rally was..
    brain-wash 21st century human still live under slavery..
    just to see
    sonia-gandhi as a white- person.
    sonia’s crowd not intersted in her speech but just to look..

    Modijis human-sea crowd come to hear every single word of modiji.

  6. mahak says:

    MindBlowing Pics for diehard fans of Narendra Modi Ji like me & MindBoggling Pics for opposers of Modi Ji

  7. kp says:

    BJP has people’s power yeh to sirf ek zalak hi hai abhi picture to baaki hai

  8. Jadu says:

    2002 ma congress ne Muslim mato to malya hata, have to te pan Narendra Bhai nathi malva deta. Congress frustrate thay te samji shakay tevu chhe.

  9. Om Sachdev says:

    look at that crowd… sea of crowd…

  10. Dharmesh says:

    There were so many picture before, why are they deleted?
    So Modhvadia/Gohil and Vaghela are about to get heart attack..
    So ccooooooolllllllll

  11. Gujju By Heart says:

    Very Nice Pictures.
    Thanks DG and JP

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