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Who pocketed Rs. 125 crore to allow FDI in retail?Modi(Video)

Ahmedabad, 11 December 2012

Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi on Monday took on the UPA over the FDI in retail and expressed scathing criticism about the news report that Walmart paid Rs. 125 crore to enter India. He asked who pocketed these Rs. 125 crore and who has ruined the lives of the traders of India? He affirmed that the Congress may have won in the Parliament but it is for the people to show them that in the court of people that this decision is not acceptable. “A nation of 120 crore cannot be bought!” he avowed.

Shri Modi reaffirmed the Government’s commitment to Karamcharis and stated categorically that the development in Gujarat would not be possible without the lakhs of Karmayogis of Gujarat.

On Mrs. Sonia Gandhi addressing rallies in Patan and Siddhpur, Shri Modi commented, “She chose Dakor and Siddhpur so that the Congress’ sins are washed but their sins are such that even taking a dip in Siddhpur will not help.” On her speech he pointed, “I think Mrs. Sonia Gandhi got her 2007 speech with her. There was no issue of 2012! She says there are 57 dark zones but haven’t all dark zones gone? Fact that she was talking about dark zones shows she does not even have latest information.”

The Chief Minister declared that the fact that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi has to quote Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, she is admitting that the Congress has not done anything since then.He said, “In Siddhpur Mrs. Sonia Gandhi spoke about Pandit Nehru. But after him many CMs, PMs came what did they do? Talk on that atleast. If you have to talk about what Pandit Nehru did 50 years ago you are admitting nothing happened for so many years and you deserve to be uprooted from Gujarat!”

Urging Mrs. Sonia Gandhi not to shed crocodile tears for the farmers, Shri Modi stated that despite having the machinery of the Centre, perennial rivers the Centre could not meet its target of 4% agriculture growth and was stuck at 2.5% whereas despite having only the Narmada, Tapi and a Rann constituting a large part of the state, Gujarat witnessed 11% growth in agriculture. He explained in detail how the overnight cotton export ban by the Centre caused immense losses to Gujarat’s farmers that too when prices were highest.

Taking on the UPA chairperson for her comment that there is unemployment in Gujarat, Shri Modi pointed, “Have you seen a youngster from Gujarat seeking a job outside? There is no district in India whose youngster is not working in Gujarat and sending money home.” He also cited a Government of India report that stated that Gujarat has the lowest unemployment in India and opined, “You do not trust us but you trust your Government? Your Government said in a report that if there is a state with the lowest unemployment it is Gujarat.”

Commenting on Mrs. Sonia Gandhi’s statement that the law and order situation in Gujarat is poor, Shri Modi stated that after the elections Mrs. Sonia Gandhi should visit the cities of Gujarat and on the streets she would find women riding scooters even during midnight. Shri Modi asked if the same could be said for Congress-ruled Delhi, where women do not venture out after sunset. He pointed for Delhi people say ‘crime capital’ whereas for Gujarat it is said ‘curfew free state!’

Similarly, he attacked Mrs. Sonia Gandhi’s canard on the condition of women in Gujarat and reminded her that it was in Congress-ruled Haryana that rapes were happening everyday and she herself had to visit the victim.

Pointing to the lack of issues in the Congress campaign, Shri Modi affirmed that all Mrs. Sonia Gandhi could talk in South Gujarat was that her mother-in-law came here and as because you supported her please support us. He said that it would be better if she pointed out what the Congress did for Tribal communities, for the development of Gujarat but except abusing him they do not have any issue in the elections. Referring to a Congress leader’s comment that Shri Modi is a Vanar (monkey), the Chief Minister avowed that those who have read the Ramayana know the power of Vanar Shakti where Lord Hanuman is the embodiment of Bhakti and service. “If I am a Vanar then 6 crore Gujaratis are my Ram. Serving them is like serving Lord Ram for me.”

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  1. db says:

    congress = ESG (enterprise sponsor government)

    this congress is agent of crony world capitalist. now a days big MNC company acquiring farm land all over world.

    in india also they are doing it. this capitalist who want one world government want to control every thing. they in name of investment looting /capturing all resource from the world.

    check out what happening in Nigeria.. in Nigeria (afrika) local government protecting mnc oil company with help of local people. local police killing their own people to protect oil field. despite rich oil reserve local people didn’t benefit and all mnc company making billion of profit using local people and government.

    same thing congress is doing with india. they protect FDI in name of investment. does it means if this congress keep ruling then india will next afrikan country?

  2. Rajesh Patel says:

    Why is that after the visits of SONIA GANDHI (MEDICAL TREATMENT) in USA in Sept-Oct the FDI issue was taken by our PM? SO WAS BRIBES PAID by WAL-MART and Company to Congress President Directly in the form or MONEY or Influence? INDIA FOR SALE BY CONGRESS and our puppet is the Salesman?

  3. jai says:

    Congress is desperate…. they are doing all these just for desperation…. :-) they themselves know that they are going to loose ….

  4. KANT says:

    WITH that 125 KAROD ruppes they are campaigning in GUJARAT…..IT is as easy as that….
    I hate them so much that words are not there to express my FEELINGS…..JAY HIND…

  5. san says:

    -Now we know why Sonia and her Sonny(famous BoneyM’s MaBaker and her sons) visited USA secretly so many times to the US.
    -It was very apt on the part of Modi to question Sonia and congress on her repeated visits to the US.

  6. san says:

    -We Indians have been definitely taken for a ride by the dishonest PM and congress by increasing price rise of essential commodities like pulses, wheat, rice and vegetables exponentially.
    -This artificial increase in price rise was to facilitate the foreign companies through FDI.
    -Does anybody imagine that WalMart and other foreign retailers would be interested in selling rice and pulses @Rs.25/- per Kg and making a profit of Rs.1/- per Kg. No.
    -So under their directions, artificial inflation was created to sell the rice and pulses @ Rs.80/- per Kg. and make a profit of Rs.25/- per Kg.
    -Otherwise nowhere in the world grains and pulses prices shot-up 10 times within a span of 2 to 3 years.
    -We must get rid of this pest congress.
    -Modi and BJP or other opposition parties should educate the farmers, others on this.

  7. gujjubhai says:

    Congress sold 125 cr indians for 125 cr rupees, that means, they sold us for 1 Re. each. Kya ham bikav hai?

    besharamo bemani ki bhi hadd hoti hai…

    bhadva bhi apni maa ko nahi bechta…congressi ne to apni bharat maa ko bhecha hai… Gali bhi in congressi ke liye kam hai…Congress hi sabse buri gali hai…

  8. chirag patel says:

    Narendra Modi lives on all kind of lies and tantrums and gimmicks like he raised medical expense of 18000 crore for soniaji but failed to produced the truth -He again raised Sir creek issue just before election date violating all kind of norms of code of conduct .In 2002 he talked Mia Mussaraf and in 2012 he talk of Pakistan .Clearly his dirty mind has started playing so watch him for any sinister design comes or not with in few days for gaining sympathy.This is the way he works and working last 10 years without any development actually happened

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