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Modi betrayed people of Gujarat by spilling blood:Shakeel Ahmed

New Delhi, 7 February 2013

It seems there’s a competition going on among the Congress leaders, to criticize Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s SRCC college speech. While the students and others liked the speech in one voice ( read Modi magic at SRCC ), it seems the Congress leaders are just not able to digest it. So there have been statements and statements issued by Congress leaders both in Gujarat and in Delhi. The latest is party’s national spokesperson Shakeel Ahmed.

Shakeel Ahmed said the Gujarat Chief Minister has betrayed the people of his state by spilling blood.

“Modi says ‘Gujarat Ka Namak sab ney Khaya hai Parantu Namak kha ker bhi Modi ney Gujarat ka hi khoon bahaya hai,’” he tweeted.

Shakeel is known for such statements. In year 2010, after Gujarat minister Amit Shah’s arrest in encounter case, he had stated that After Shah, it’s Modi’s turn now to go to jail.

While Modi has not seen jail yet, and it doesn’t look like he will see it in future, Mr. Shakeel may attract jail term if he continues to pass on defamatory and derogatory remarks.

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  1. upen says:

    shakil ahmed ko pata nahi he ki kyu Gujarat me khun baha he…Namak khaker…

  2. Bharat Bhatt says:

    You can only see blood shed in Gujarat
    Only one state , only 2002, only one person?
    People , burnt alive in 2002 They were Human beeings
    too. So don’t talk any nonsense after defeated
    Three times by same Man, Same party , In Same State.

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