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“Ishrat Jahan was fidayeen moving with a Pakistani to kill Modi”

Ahmedabad, 14 June 2013

Thursday morning began with an article in FirstPost about Ishrat Jahan encounter case. The article literally exposed how Ishrat Jahan encounter case has become political tool to trap Narendra Modi.

And the day ended with exclusive story on Aaj Tak and Headlines Today channels broadcasting the audio tapes of telephone conversation between Pakistan based terrorist and his Indian pointman(who was killed in encounter with Ishrat Jahan). The tapes validate the point clearly that Ishrat Jahan and others were moving with weapons in a car to kill Narendra Modi. In telephone conversations between Muzammil, LeT Commander and Abdul Gani(shooter), Ishrat Jahan’s house has been described as ‘Sasural’, Modi has been described as ‘Machhli no.5′, arms are described as ‘scrap’, Javed’s home in Pune is described as ‘Maika’, in coded language.

The TV channels also relayed audio conversation between Muzammil, LeT Commander and Javed Sheikh, Ishrat’s accomplice and Muzammil, LeT commander and Salim(terrorist). As per the IB input, Ishrat was fidayeen.

It has to be mentioned here that Abdul Gani and Salim both were killed by Gujarat Police along with Ishrat Jahan in 2004 after IB input.

From hours long tapes, the TV channel relayed only some parts. Reporter Prabal Pratap Singh said that the code words were decoded by listening to entire tapes.

Also watch this video of Jaynarayan Vyas, then spokesperson of Gujarat govt on background of Ishrat Jahan and others and IB input.

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  1. Arun Kumar Upadhyay says:

    Under Muslim or Mughal rule, no muslim ever tried to support invading muslims. Punishment for treachery was very severe. Now there is punishment for loyalty to country and honesty. Many honest and sincere police officers of Gujrat are in jail by machinations through CBI to put Gujrat CM Narendra Modiin jail. For this Sri R K Singh, Union Home Secretary has brought a Gujrat IPS officer of 1976 batch Kuldip Sharma as adviser in Home ministry 6 months after his retirement. Sri Sharma himself is accused in 2 murders in custody-starting with his tenure as SP of Cutch distt. Sri R.K. Singh himself would have retired on 31 Dec 2012 as per his certificate age, but is enjoying service up to June 2013 by rule of 2 years tenure. Still he was eager to become CAG for which he had made revealations against Robert Vadra etc through Kejariwal etc. Failing in that he has filed PIL through Prashant Bhushan and now trying to become Governor. For that he is threatening Sple Director of IB with murder case unless he agrees to blame Narendra Modi. As per reports of IB, Isharat was active Fidayeen of Lashkara-e-Toiba and now R.K Singh is its biggest supporter. So, this reports requires that R. K. Singh should be tried for sedition & terrorism.

  2. kevin patel says:

    Good job HT.
    deshgujarat please upload the whole conversation

  3. db says:

    here is full discussion. interesting how congress leader and sabana azami behaving un responsible. they are ready to trust terrorist but not their on intelligent agency and even High cournt.


  4. Keith Hecht says:

    Thanks, A very useful information .

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