Amdavadi khadi brand MORALFIBRE chosen for Hollywood film costumes

Ahmedabad, 2 October 2014

Moralfibre fabrics, an Ahmedabad based textile company is now leading to the Hollywood. The company’s next-gen Khadi fabrics, made in the villages of Saurashtra and marketed across the world have been chosen for wide range of costumes for the forthcoming Hollywood film ‘Peter Pan’ by Warner Brothers. The film is starring Hollywood star Hugh Jackman and is scheduled to be released next year.

Speaking on how this deal took place between Moralfibre and Warner Brothers, Shailini Sheth Amin, the founder and CEO of Moralfibre said, “A young textile sourcing agent for Warner Brothers’ forthcoming film ‘Peter Pan’ was looking for fabrics with textures and with a vintage quality. She saw our fabrics in one of the shops in London. Interestingly she also wanted to support sustainable textiles. She got in touch with us. After hearing about low carbon footprint, allergy free and fabric making supporting thousands of women in remote villages, giving them a life of dignity, she was totally convinced and suggested our fabrics to the costume designer.

About the importance of Khadi she shared that, “With our efforts I can say that the next-gen Khadi is reaching places where it has probably not reached before. Many designers and sustainability crusaders are now recognizing and appreciating the beauty and ethos of Khadi.” She said, “I have just returned from my trip abroad and these fabrics with our ‘Swadeshi’ identity, and with high standards of social and environmental sustainability are finding a unique placements.”

By 2nd Oct. 2019, on Mahatma Gandhiji’s150th birth anniversary, we want to produce and create a total acceptability for ‘New Khadi for New India’ and help create a ‘Zero poverty and Zero pollution’ textile industry.

About Moralfibre Fabric:

Moralfibre founded by Mrs. Shailini Sheth Amin in the year 2007, is an emerging brand that is successfully carving its niche in the world of textiles. It stands for ‘Clothing with a Conscience’. The company creates superior quality fabrics that are all completely hand spun and hand woven, using natural dyes. The fabric making uses almost no electricity and no harmful chemicals. The cloth’s unique structure and character makes it suitable for all seasons. Our Fabric by the meter, Home Furnishings and Feel-Well-Fashion garments are ‘almost Carbon Neutral’ and allergy free.

Shailini Amin is the niece of Indumati Chamanlal, a freedom fighter and Gujarat’s first textile minister. Chamanlal set up Khadi Mandir, India’s first khadi store, in Ahmedabad in the 1950s and Amin spent most of her formative years working in the outlet.