Somnath temple to remain open for 22 hours due to Lunar eclipse on August 7

Somnath: Jyotirlinga Somnath mandir will remain open for darshan continuously for 22 hours on 7th of August due to Chandra Grahan.

It is happening after 26 years that Chandra Grahan will take place on Shravan sudh punam day of Gujarati Hindu calendar. The grahan will take place in Shravan nakshatra and Makar rashi in the month of Shravan.

As per a verse in Skanda Purana, this is believed rare occurrence. As per a shloka in Skanda Purana, happening of Saraswati, Samudra, Somvar, Chandragrahan and Somnath Mahadev darshan together make Panchsakar yoga.

Somnath temple will open at 4.00 am on 7th of August. No religious customs will take place post 1.00 pm. Shiv maha pujan will take place only post 1.00 am in the night followed by maha aarti at 1.30 am. The temple will be closed at 2.00 am.


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