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Former Congress MLA joins BJP with supporters

by our correspondent, Ahmedabad, 28 January 2013

Former Congress MLA of Chaklasi Shri Shankarbhai Vaghela has joined the BJP. Vaghela was MLA of Chaklasi for seven terms. He was welcomed to the BJP by Shri Narhari Amin in a public meeting held at Chaklasi for Municipality poll campaign.

A list of those who joined the party:

Shankarbhai Vaghela – former MLA
Jashubhai Patel – Secretary, Kelavni mandal Chaklasi
Sureshbhai Gordhanbhai Vaghela – Former Chief, Chaklasi Municipality
Jashbhai Jadav – Former Chief, Chaklasi Municipality and Chaklasi town Congress President

Municipal Councillors Girishbhai Patel, Chandubhai Ambalal Patel, Girishbhai Parshottamdas Patel, Bharatbhai Raysingbhai Vaghela, Rameshbhai Gandabhai Rohit and Kamleshbhai Umeshbhai Jadav also joined BJP with about 100 supporters.

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  1. KANT says:

    THIS is my thought and NO OFFENSE to anyone…..
    NOW all these EX-CONGRESS people will come join with BJP……
    CONGRESS party is sinking ship so many will desert the PARTY……
    TO me , CONGRESS Party people are BRITISH in DISGUISE to rob,loot,fool people…..
    PEOPLE started to AWAKEN and all CONGRESS Party people will leave nation or go IN HIDING, BECAUSE their DAYS are numbered….. YOU CAN NOT CONTINUE FOOL ALL TH PEOPLE ALL THE TIME…..

    CONGRESS PARTY IS NEHRU FAMILY CHAMCHA PARTY>…… ALL those congress party people worship NEHRU family and not to the NATION…… JAY HIND…..

  2. Good Samaritan says:

    So… rats are jumping off a sinking ship!

    Indeed, a telltale signs of things to come circa 2014!!

    In hindsight, the so called “seculars” became “communal” overnight! Ironic, isn’t it? Media please take notice, because it is time to re-define “secular” and “communal” labels in politics… These meaningless labels that suited and served the agenda of the vested interests (read – sickular party and paid media) in playing vote bank politics have been rendered irrelevant in modern times!!!

    Just think about it!

    • KANT says:

      My friend, I agree with you…..
      EVERY so often this UPA-CONGRESS government people will shout and make NON SENSE statements to divert PEOPLEs mind… so people forget the REAL ISSUE,,,,,,,

      SEE DELHI gang rape is forgotten after this SHINDE and KHURSHID made statements… THIS is the strategy…..THIS way they have FOOLED us for last 60 plus years….. I know these RASCALS too well….OUR paid, purchased, corrupt media is in CONGRESS PARTYs hand to fool….. JAY HIND..

    • Amit Karia says:

      Bang on target

  3. murtaza says:

    do not accept these CONgress scums, they will only contaminate and spread their philosophy of corruption.

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