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Shankersinh declares Jal yatra, training camp, public hours

by our correspondent, Ahmedabad, 29 January 2013

Leader of opposition Shankersinh Vaghela today said the Congress party will organize a Jal yatra in Saurashtra, Kutch and north Gujarat regions where water problem has become serious. He said the state government has failed to plan on the issue of water. In informal talk, he said the yatra will begin from Narayan sarovar in Kutch district.

Vaghela said he would be available at the Gujarat Congress headquarters in Ahmedabad for general public during 4-6 pm every Tuesday. On same day he will sit in his office at Gujarat Assembly in Gandhinagar during 1-3 pm.

He said the Congress party will hold a training camp at Mehsana on 15 February for party’s elected MLAs. The training camp will train them for effective representation of people’s problems in the assembly.

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  1. murtaza says:

    this guy is so corrupt, his MLAs hold local business to ransoms, and ask for bribes and extortion.

    It is no wonder their districts are the least developed.

    Shankersinh Vaghela’s district, Kheda is so undeveloped and poor despite being close to Ahmedabad.

    I know from experience his collectors and COngressi officials in Kheda ask for bribes and never sign any documents. They keep making excuses of holiday and lost documents.
    But all they do is ask bribes for this license or that license.

    Shankersinh Vaghela you are CORRUPT, you Kheda district is the poorest in Gujarat, you have done nothing, no-one wants invest in your area because all you Congress do is LOOT LOOT LOOT.

  2. Amit Dhorajiwalla says:

    Bapu! Aavo aavo. Sorry no water here so you will have to do with toilet tissue paper only!

  3. VINOO says:

    Mr. Shankarsinh,
    You congies have not yet learned that such “yatras” are not going to solve any problem.
    It is seer waste of time and energy. Better would be to attend some funeral procession! Read
    the news of Telegraph in today’s Desh Gujarat regarding JNURM and ask the central govt not to
    harm Gujarat. Will you congies ever develop real vision? I doubt.

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