Mathurbhai Savani is master organizer (Video)

By our correspondent, Rajkot, 5 May 2013

Mathurbhai Savani. He is a man who can organize grand events attracting lakh to two lakh people, more than once.

Today’s SAUNI mahayagna was one of such events.

Mathurbhai has earlier organized huge gathering on the issues of ‘save girl child campaign’ and ‘check dam movement’.

A diamond baron Mathurbhai is originally from Saurashtra, but he lives in Surat with his family.

Through his Saurashtra Jaldhara Trust, Mathurbhai started check-dam movement in late 1990s in Saurashtra, starting from Bhavnagar district’s Khopala village. The movement yielded huge success in terms of conservation of water, and betterment in ground water level.

Mathurbhai was once offered a ticket to contest assembly on Botad seat. He refused it as he wanted to remain a non-political person, and thus Saurabh Patel got a chance to contest from Botad. Saurabh Patel is influential minister today. Mathurbhai is still continuing with his social work – mainly on water conservation issue.

His ability to communicate and convince common villagers of Saurashtra is excellent. He lives in Surat, but his heart is always in rural Saurashtra. You can spot him touring in Saurashtra villages in his car often.

Mathurbhai has superb influence in rural Bhavnagar and Patidar dominated areas of Surat. He is Leuva Patel by caste, but he keeps safe distance from ‘Patel politics’ unsuccessfully attempted by Keshubhai Patel and Gordhan Zadafia.

Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi today in his speech at SAUNI Mahayagna said, “if Mathurbhai’s NGO(Saurashtra Jaldhara Trust) was foreign funded, with English speaking people, with anti-Narmada dam mentality, with people staying in five star hotels wearing Khadi, he could receive too much publicity and admiration from all over the world for his same work.”

Presented above is Mathurbhai Savani’s today’s speech on water conservation issue.