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President of Zambia Michael Sata on private visit to Gujarat

By DeshGujarat News, Ahmedabad, 24 March 2012

The 75-year-old Zambian President, Michael Sata landed at Ahmedabad’s Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport in a chartered flight on Thursday at around 10.00 pm for prostate(unconfirmed) related medical treatment.

Sata is accompanied by three member personal crew including his wife Christine Kaseba ( a medical doctor ) and his spokesperson George Chella.

Sata is known as King Cobra in his home country.

Sources told DeshGujarat that he is undergoing treatment at Samved hospital, Navrangpura. This hospital majorly deals with the patients of prostate, kidney stone and bladder surgery.

As he has been given the state guest status, proper security has been provided at Taj Gateway Hotel near the Ahmedabad airport where he stays.

Back at home in Zambia, Sata’s visit has been declared as private visit. This is the first trip Sata is taking out of Africa from the time he was elected president.

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  1. Lukwesa says:

    You can pray as much as you want, all your prayers have been heaped in the “Pending Tray” for later considerations guys!

  2. Bamwine says:

    Now people, lets stop hurling insults at each other. Whether he went for a private visit or not, the president obviously needs our prayers for whatever ailment he has. No one in their right health would go all the way to Some indian hospital for nothing serious. He is also just human. He can get sick. Remember what you wish on others comes right back at you so be careful with your excitement.

    We remain one Zambia one Nation in sickness or in health.

  3. Lungu says:

    I have never seen a person hated so much within six months. The last person we celebrated a eath was for castro Chiluba. This evil man Sata should repent if he return to Zambia alive. For me I don’t care whether he dies or lives. The tribalist is hurting Zambia. Like someone said, only his fellow Bemba thieves are wishing him well. All other tribes wish he could leave us in peace

  4. Lutunta says:

    So its true this thing is sick. I need a beer

  5. Anonymous says:

    The cowards, wil owez rejoice when thy hear sickness, but it wont happen again lyk at mwanawasa, Ruphia got it on silver plate. Sata is heaven sent no man wil put a hand on his lyf. Live long Dad u r heaven sent. Katambo kabwe. Mkushi farm block Zambia

  6. peace says:

    peace in the Name of Jesus Christ

  7. alex the chosen one says:

    Being a Zambian citizen mwelaonse noyuwine ndepema ba lesa ebaleuleta. Inform the nation when you reach a solid conclusion. I see bloggers suffering from mis judgement and need men clinic 4special treatmnt cut off your foreskin and think straight.

  8. Anonymous says:

    All those evil people wishing our beloved president ill health are wasting there time, our president is in God’s hands i pray for our beloved president that all goes well with the power of God nothing is impossible.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Quick recovery mr.president.

  10. to bembaz says:

    bembaz r dogs infact pigs bcoz they r so dirty in thier bicks. stupid ass niggaz, the most dull pipo in the nation who think they r clever than everyone else. only well knwn for their ever flapin bicks. swine mind ur language bafikala. we voted that mudala into power so dnt even speak shit. low class mafakaz…panshi. YOURS TRULY PISSED OFF TONGA.

  11. fweza says:

    why are pipo wishing him a quick recovery.did he tell u he is sick??

  12. gijo says:

    i agree with fweza.you are right.people should just chill and stop this kind of talk.

  13. decent Zedian says:

    our beloved President Sata we pray for you

  14. Proudly zed says:

    You can insult him with o the insults in the world but nothing will change, if insults was cancer or Hiv this man wud hav died with o yo wishez but brethren its only God who gives & takes away, we ar o human ba sata inclusive, if we can accept our mistkes same as his, lets pray for him so that God can use him to lead us in harmony

  15. Muyawa says:

    The most Lowest State of life is a life of anger.All those wishing the President dead are living in this life state, and they will live a life in this state until they themselves die.Get well soon Mr.President

  16. chota says:

    The president is okey.

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